The world’s only dedicated collection of funny branded social media posts, history’s funniest TV Commercials, hilarious Facebook Ads, side-splitting YouTube Adverts and delicious witty Print Advertising – all gathered together in one database.

We use it as a mood board to help our own clients work out what they do / don’t want to see in their content. You can use it any. way you want. (If you want to become a White Label Comedy client, and have us write your next comedy commercial for you – head to our services page).

Whether it’s classics like everyone’s favourite Dollar Shave Club Ad, or sleeper hits like James Blunt’s turn in the National Lottery’s #PleaseNotThem campaign – everything in the archive, good or bad, is here because there’s something we can learn from it.

We’ll be adding at least 10 more each week (some brand new social posts, some vintage classic TV Adverts) – but if there’s an Ad you love that hasn’t yet made it into the database, why not add it for us! Be sure to rate the entire, too – as each month we’ll give awards to the funniest content in the archive – as voted for by you.

Here’s where we keep ALL of our Funny Ads and Social Content. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next funny advertisement, and want to scroll through everything in the archive free from the shackles of dates and categories, this is the place for you.

Funny TV Ads - Our Top Picks

The biggest mistake any brand can make is to start to create their Ad before they’ve taken the time to come up with a good idea.

That’s especially true when it comes to comedy. You need to start with your brand’s message, and deliver it with humour in a way that chimes perfectly with your target audience. If you start by simply trying to “make jokes”, you’re on the road to nowhere.

Don’t want to have to go rifling through the entire archive just to find some inspiration? Never fear – we’ve curated a playlist of our faves. Just hit play, sit back, relax, and think about how you could use the same techniques to boost your brand.


2020 has barely begun – and we’ve already had some great funny adverts. Crack open a luke-warm, and enjoy them all right here, right now.

Looking for a fun way to sell your Food or Drink product? Whether your just trying to write some Facebook Ad Copy, or you’re planning an entire big budget viral video ad campaign – here’s how those who’ve been before you did it.

It’s not just TV spots we’ve got in the archive – we love to collect great examples of Funny Facebook Pages, Digital Marketing that makes us laugh, LOL-filled Landing Pages, and brands on social media deploying wit, warmth, sass and silliness in order to spread their brand message, and to deliver entertaining customer service.

If you’re looking for good ideas as to what works, and what doesn’t, when you’re trying to interrupt your potential customer’s daily life and break through into their news feed this is the part of the archive you’ll love the most.

Ahh, the 80s. It was a simpler time – and the jokes in our adverts were pretty simple too. Nevertheless – a few gems. And you’ll find those here.

Or if you want us to do all the hard work for you – you can head straight to The 10 Funniest 80s Ads (the UK Edition and watch the best the 80s has to offer, all on one page.

There aren’t many marketers in the Tech  space who’ve got the guts to use comedy in their marketing – but those bold few that do are celebrated here.

A terrible year for anyone with a soul. A great year for Comedy in Advertising. 

Our Top Picks for 2019

There were some really funny commercials in 2019.  Here we have the best examples of humour in advertising from the last year – all gathered together in a single YouTube playlist so you don’t even have to leave the page.  How generous are we?!

Money makes us laugh. Money and Tech: double trouble. Here’s where to find the funniest FinTech commercials.

The decade that gave us The Spice Girls also gave us some brilliantly entertaining adverts. And this is fast becoming the best place to find them.

As 1999 turned into 2000, we all breathed a huge sigh of relief that the millennium bug hadn’t brought down any planes at the stroke of midnight after all. And the world celebrated by making some of the funniest adverts and commercials of all time. 

The best way to make us buy into that idea that your planes, trains, automobiles and travel accessories are better than anyone else’s? Make us laugh, of course! One of these Ads managed to get 93x the reach of a straight Ad selling the exact same product. We won’t tell you which one, though. 

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