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Aldi Stores UK – Battle of the Brands

Why we love it: There’s a longstanding feud between Aldi and M&S – largely due to Aldi’s habit of ‘borrowing’ other brands’ trademarked product ideas. But here, the tables have turned and Aldi is pulling no punches with a comedy roast-type response. (They probably won’t actually sue, but that engagement is worth its weight in gold.) What you can learn from it: Notice how Aldi’s joke is succinct – yet includes just enough contextual information

McDonald’s – Nobody Cares About Me (2020)

McDonald’s could have just put out an ‘ordinary tweet’ stating that the McRib was back in a couple of weeks. But they did this instead and got over 150K interactions! it’s always “when is the McRib coming back” and never “how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account” — McDonald’s (@McDonalds) October 23, 2020

Image of shocked customer from the 2020 McDonald's funny advert for coffee

Find Digital Marketing Inspiration in these Funny McDonald’s Adverts

One of the most effective ways to improve your own digital and social media marketing is to study brands that have mastered the art. McDonald’s is an iconic fast food brand, so they’d be excused for focusing on the fries and letting their reputation market itself. But in actual fact, McDonald’s has been responsible for some of our favourite funny ads of recent years. Let’s take a look at the very best examples, and pick

Pringles – Pringles Has Entered the Game (2020)

Synopsis This series of ads sees a pair of gamers use an Xbox controller to bring the excitement of gaming into the real world — before sitting back to enjoy the spectacle over a can of Pringles. Review This brand is no stranger to the White Label Comedy Funny Ads Archive. We loved their recent Rick and Morty collaboration — their other Super Bowl spots, not so much. These short and sweet ads highlight an

Pepsi – Vanilla and Wild Cherry (2020)

Synopsis In two new ads, Pepsi shows us people drinking the new Wild Cherry and Vanilla flavours and dancing like nobody’s watching — before revealing that people are, in fact, watching. Review There’s not much to this — it’s one visual gag, executed pretty well. For the record, we much prefer the match cut reveal in the Vanilla version. Ok, so it’s not getting a laugh, but we’re giving Pepsi a gold star for choosing

Taco Bell – Triplelupa – TikTok Dad (2020)

Synopsis Taco Bell enlists a dad who’s ‘not like other dads’ to advertise their new triple chalupa via a series of excruciating TikTok posts. Review We’re fans of anything that experiments with form, so we enjoyed the aspect ratio switch — particularly as it’s been used to deliver a classic comedy reveal. It’s the 2020 equivalent of a ‘pull back to reveal he’s not wearing any trousers’ type gag in a Will Ferrell movie. More

Subway – Bites (2020)

Synopsis In this cross-platform mobile and digital campaign targeted at the 16-24 age group, Subway decided to go short, sweet and a little bit trippy. It’s all about ‘Bites’ — their new mini sandwiches. It’s certainly quirky, but could it have been funny? Review Watching these mini ads in quick succession is a bit like being slapped in the face with the sickly sweet Subway signature scent. The brand message is ostentatiously shoved in our

Coca Cola – Focus Group (2020)

Synopsis A focus group of mythological hybrids gets confused about the new cherry vanilla coke. Review There’s one gag here — the assembled mythological beasts can’t get their heads around the idea that you can put two things in one thing. It’s funny because that’s kind of what they are. Get it? GET IT? Yeah, it’s more of an ‘Oh! I guess that’s clever’ moment than a joke. To its credit, this ad achieves its

Marmite Advert — Marmite Peanut Butter

Marmite’s marketing over the last couple of years has centred around the idea of turning ‘Marmite haters’ into ‘Marmite lovers’ via hypnosis. It’s a funny idea, and most of the ads they’ve released on the theme have been reasonably entertaining. Sadly, none have blown us away (read: ‘none have made us laugh out loud’), and this is no exception. To its credit, this little ten-second spot packs quite the visual punch thanks to its dancing

Funny Marmite Adverts – Marmite Mind Control

The Marmite Mind Control Adverts Do you love it, or hate it? Nectar of the gods, or sticky salty hell-spread? The iconic Marmite jar has been dividing families for over 100 years. In 2019, their marketing manager said, “Recent research cemented Marmite’s reputation as the most loved and hated product of our generation” and they reckoned they had finally cracked how to convert even the most ardent haters’ taste perceptions. The Unilever brand planned to

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