Tap into your customer’s morning routine

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Isn’t it funny how almost everyone has the same morning routine…

In varying orders, everyone:

Gets dressed.

Goes to the loo.

Feeds their pet Komodo dragon.

Brushes their teeth.

And checks their phone.

That last one is critical to people like us.

Almost everyone who has a smartphone checks it within an hour of waking up.

Some do emails.

Some check texts (or follow a Da Vinci Code-esque trail of GIFs to try to unpick what the hell the group chat got into after they went to bed).

But most open social media apps to “see what’s happened in the world”.

Well, that’s what we tell ourselves.

But really we’re going there to see something interesting/cute/funny – or all of the above (a pug that teaches us about the French revolution while bouncing on a trampoline, for example).

Or, put another way, we’re crying out to be informed and entertained every morning.

And you can easily create an engagement-driving version of this for your brand on social.

Like sharing a quick stat that you’ve turned into a joke, for example…

Now obviously, that’s not a real stat in the traditional ‘verified by science’ or ‘stands up in a court of law’ sense…

But the joy of graph gags is that they look important and newsworthy at first glance – and then, on closer inspection, reveal a hilarious take on one of your audience’s relatable truths.

Most importantly – it’s a simple and effective way to engage your audience every morning.

And if you scheduled it the day before, you can arrive at the office with a bunch of likes, comments and new followers.

‘Smugly expectant’ is never a bad way to feel on your morning commute.

(Or your ‘10 second amble from bed to desk’, for those who work from home.)
If you’d like to create a month’s worth of fun ‘morning briefing’ style posts in record time… check our Brands Against Mundanity: Graph Gags Edition offer.

It has 30 fill-in-the-blank joke templates, tips on how best to complete them, and an example that shows how a big-name brand might use the template.

Just like the example above.

You can work through the templates alone or get the whole team together and turn it into the most productive team-building game you’ll have played this century.

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Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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