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Why Work With Us?

The most savvy brands are timely and relevant – but without the right resources at your fingertips it can be hard to react quickly enough to make an impact.

You hire a content agency on an expensive retainer – but end up paying through the nose, even when you don’t need their services.

You try hiring writers directly – you save money, but waste precious time managing their work. Time you’d really rather be using elsewhere.

Even then – many copywriters claim they can ‘do funny’ – but can they actually make you laugh out loud?

White Label Comedy

The writer’s room that lives in your back pocket.

Whether you need reactive topical content, engaging social media posts, or evergreen material that brings your brand to life…

…you’ll have the best comedy brains in the business working together, using their funny bones to boost your brand.

With up to 30 writers contributing at any one time, that’s a hive-mind of 30 different angles, perspectives and sensibilities – delivering comedy gold that’s laser-focused (designed to appeal to your specific target audience), which then gets crafted into compelling content by our copywriters.

No retainer. No subscription fee. You only pay us when you need us – but we’re still ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

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Meet The Team

Adam Hunt - Creative Director

At the helm of White Label is Adam Hunt – a TV Producer and Advertising Creative who’s overseen BBC One’s flagship entertainment show, run ambitious branded productions for Microsoft’s Xbox, and written scripts for hundreds of branded content and brand story films. He’s also the brains behind satirical website The News Dump.  

He’s the one making sure that every single piece of comedy content that makes it as far as your desk is on-brand, and on the money.

Our Writers

Our writers are the best in the business – a mixture of TV Producers, Comedians and Comedy Writers whose collective list of credits is longer than your arm. 

Collaborating via our online writers room – they live and breathe the news, have their fingers on each and every pulse, and can craft jokes that would make even the Speaking Clock wet himself.

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The News Dump

The News Dump is a satirical website and topical comedy web show brought to you by the team behind White Label Comedy. 

Every White Label writer is also a News Dump contributor  – it helps keep their wit sharp, and their topical gags bang up to date.