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“You guys at WLC have also been a dream to work with. Starting the day with laughs (of which there have been lots) at the content you’ve pulled together is the best antidote to spreadsheets and boring PowerPoint presentations. You’ve totally nailed the perfect TOV for Fray and looking at our social posts, we’ve gone from trawling through negative comments about the lack of meat, to lots of positive sentiment, plenty of comments about loving our pies and not much bad stuff! Exactly what we were hoping for.”

Jude Smart - Fray Bentos

Y’all really knocked it out of the park! I feel like this month’s content is even better than the first, and it seems like y’all are gaining an even deeper understanding of the struggles faced by the community, the services we provide, and how to make them both relatable to our audience. Thank y’all so much! ”

Heather Knoxville - Trans Empowerment Project

“The impact was profound. Turns out the content we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter. It hit the front page of Reddit 3 times in one day

…Overall it helped our Turn on the Subtitles campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly EVER

Henry Warren - Turn On The Subtitles

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When not helping your brand entertain, engage and sell - our writers also craft jokes for these award-winning shows and more...

They’ve crafted jokes for graham norton, Sue Perkins, Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. Now they’re here to help you and your brand win hearts and minds (and likes and shares) online.


Unleashing the power of relatable comedy

How we took the Fray Bentos socials from zero to a MEATY 2.42m impressions in 90 days - with Engagement Rates up to 13x higher* than the competition

*and up to 25x higher than the FMCG industry average

Our content hit sky-high engagement-rates that blew industry averages out of the water AND built an army of evangelists now singing the praises of Fray’s new recipe in the comments.

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Discover how we use our "Relatability Matrix" method to take over the world write brand-safe jokes that build an engaged audience of ideal customers in less than 90 days

(So in other words, take over the world)

Only certain jokes have the power to turn cold prospects into Raving Fans*

*That’s “loyal customers who love everything you do”, not “a bladeless Dyson that just popped an E and loves Swedish House Mafia”…

The Relatability Matrix is our proprietary research methodology that tells us exactly what content – and even what specific phrases – can be used to create a “that’s so true” or a “that’s so me!” response in your customer, triggering that all-important “Share and Declare” effect.

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You can use each set of templates to craft brand-safe jokes without breaking a sweat.

They’re precision-crafted by my team of A-List TV Comedy Writers (plus one who’s technically B-List but is REALLY good at going to get coffee) – and include an EXPLOSIVE mix of Text Jokes, Graph Gags and Meme-Maker formats – so you’ll never run out of inspiration for your social media posts.

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PLUS – every month – for your pleasure and profit – I’ll be adding a fresh swipe file of standout brand-safe social posts that we’ve spotted out in the wild.

For each post, I’ll tell you why I love it and what YOU can learn from it.

Making it easy for you to reverse-engineer their success for your brand.