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Taco Bell – Triplelupa – TikTok Dad (2020)

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Taco Bell enlists a dad who’s ‘not like other dads’ to advertise their new triple chalupa via a series of excruciating TikTok posts.


We’re fans of anything that experiments with form, so we enjoyed the aspect ratio switch — particularly as it’s been used to deliver a classic comedy reveal. It’s the 2020 equivalent of a ‘pull back to reveal he’s not wearing any trousers’ type gag in a Will Ferrell movie.

More importantly, there’s no doubt as to what we’re being sold — with the comedy and messaging delivered simultaneously throughout (and some extra messaging stuck on at the end for the good measure), this ad makes a strong case for the ‘funny ad within an ad’ genre.

But there’s one thing missing for us, and no — this time it’s not ‘jokes’. True, we could always stomach a few extra gags in pretty much any advert, but Taco Bell have done a decent job of keeping us entertained with cringe humour and imaginative setups for this ad’s modest thirty second duration.

What we wish they’d done is tie dad’s new “TikTokking” hobby into the Triplelupa launch more convincingly. What’s the core of the joke? What’s the comparison to be drawn behind this middle-aged man embarrassing his kids on their favourite social platform, and the launch of a new triple chalupa?

“Deliciously reinvented” is nearly hitting the spot, but not quite.

We suspect the real reason dad has taken up at TikTok is because someone at TikTok had a meeting with someone at Taco Bell, and dollar signs lit up in everyone’s eyes…

Still, a solid effort (and one that makes us wish Taco Bell had reached our corner of the UK).