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Wendy’s – McDonald’s Burn Tweet (2017)

Wendy’s never misses an opportunity to have a go at rival brands – and this tweet is no exception.  In fact other brands must live in fear, one wrong move and… (Of course, McDonald’s aren’t daft and, after all, could have easily deleted this…maybe they used a little Cheese Pie as bait and hooked Wendy’s?) When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine. — Wendy’s (@Wendys) November 24, 2017

PocketBook – Inside your PocketBook: the Spy Granny (2020)

Synopsis “The Spy Granny” is a stunning spy action with the main character on an important mission. Such a dramatic plot can be very dangerous – being swallowed up by the story, readers can find themselves right in the heart of the intense firefight! Then, perhaps, they will have to save the agent from the bad guys with guns. The viewer will jump into the culmination of the story, and only a few seconds later

Lobby Its Victors Fault Bat Image Stock Footage Funny Ads Archive

Lobby Films and Advertising – It’s Victor’s Fault (2020)

Synopsis In a time when lockdown has made most video shoots impossible, Portuguese production company Lobby used stock footage to produce this deliciously risky chunk of topical comedy to advertise the video services they’re still able to offer. Bats are definitely having a moment right now, and this ad sees two beautiful specimens blaming a bat called Victor for the spread of coronavirus. They chat about how gutted they are to miss out on roles

Taco Bell – Triplelupa – TikTok Dad (2020)

Synopsis Taco Bell enlists a dad who’s ‘not like other dads’ to advertise their new triple chalupa via a series of excruciating TikTok posts. Review We’re fans of anything that experiments with form, so we enjoyed the aspect ratio switch — particularly as it’s been used to deliver a classic comedy reveal. It’s the 2020 equivalent of a ‘pull back to reveal he’s not wearing any trousers’ type gag in a Will Ferrell movie. More

McDonald’s UK – Ball Pit (2020)

Synopsis This ad follows a coffee-drinker’s ill-fated visit to a hipster coffee shop. She’s on the phone, and initially fails to notice the bizarre things going on around her. Having realised she has paid an excessive amount for her coffee, she starts to take in her surroundings — she’s just helped fund the cafe’s ridiculous excesses. A live Dj set, massages, swinging egg chairs and a ball pit are all available for patrons to enjoy

NHS – Take the drama out of minor illnesses – Print Ads (2020)

Synopsis The NHS have teamed up with M&C Saatchi (Advertising Agency) to come up with a print campaign to encourage people to visit their pharmacist first, for minor ailments. These prints depict three minor illnesses, and their symptoms, all within the theme of a classic movie poster design. Night of the Itchy Eye Earache – Strikes Back Sore Throat – And the Lost Voice Review These three print Ads follow on from a TV Ad

Carling Black Label funny advert launderette 80s

Carling Black Label – Launderette (1989)

Synopsis A spoof of the Levi’s launderette ad, this shows a hot guy taking all of his clothes off and putting them into the washing machine, much to the delight of female onlookers. Two guys sat watching comment ‘I bet he drinks Carling Black Label.’ Review I love these Carling Black Label ads. They had so many of these funny ads, all with the same catchphrase ‘I bet he drinks Carling Black Label.’ It became

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