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Sure, you could hire a comedy writer. But why not hire an entire hive-mind of Comedy Creatives instead – and have them collaborate remotely, on-demand, whenever you need them.

The UK’s best joke writers, along with some of our favourites from New York and LA – and with co-ordination handled by our Project Managers and Creative Director in London. 

Whether your project just needs a quick shot in the arm and a punched-up script, you need brand new ideas to pitch, or you want to embed the White Label team into your own process so that you – like me – can have a hive-mind of Comedy Writers living in your back pocket ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice: we’ve got the perfect package for you.

Monthly Social Media Packages


£ 745 per month
  • 5 Tweets Per Week
  • (Not including Photoshops)


£ 1495 per month
  • 5 Tweets Per Week
  • Including Photoshopped Images


£ 2495 per month
  • 10 Tweets Per Week
  • Including Photoshopped Images


£ 5995 per month
  • 25 Tweets Per Week
  • Including Photoshopped Images
  • Reactive customer service
  • Reversioned for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Scheduled and posted without you having to lift a finger
Best Value

Additional Services

Get 20% off the rate-card price on all of our other services by adding them to your monthly package. Any services paid for but not commissioned can be rolled over each month.

Content Marketing

content marketing

We get it. We’ve all been there. You got a little too obsessed with SEO, you churned out a load of content that persuaded Google to send people your way, and now you’re stuck – because the second they hit the page, they bounce. With comedy content written by our talented team, you’ll give them a reason to stay on the page – and an even bigger reason to share your content, and with it, your message.

  • 300 Words £250
  • 800 Words £500
  • 1500 Words £750
  • 3000 Words £1500
  • Blog Punch-up (funny headline + 8 additional jokes) £400

Funny Facebook ads

Funny Ads travel further, at a fraction of the price. They’re more effective when they arrive, too. But Comedy’s hard to get right, right? Not with us in your corner it’s not. We all already A/B test an Ad’s offer, headline, copy, image and landing page until we’re sure they chime perfectly with our target audience – now we’re going to use the exact same process to find your BSOH (Brand Sense of Humour).
  • Ad Ideas Brainstorm £995
  • Ad Copy £495
  • Ad Copy + Artwork £795
  • Full A/B Testing Package £1995
  • Video Ad Scripts (See scripted content)
  • Full Service Video Ad Production POA

Scripted Content

Writing a script that’s funny is one thing. Making sure it delivers your key messaging at the same time is another. Our unique process means the hive-mind can do just that – and in record time.

Got a script on your desk that you’re just not loving? Let us help you knock it into shape. We’ll share your script with the hive-mind – who’ll break it down section by section, line by line, offering up suggested punch-ups and improvements. We’ll take the very best of these, and work them into a revised draft of your script that actually delivers.

  • Ideas Brainstorm £995
  • Up to 30 secs £500
  • Up to 60 secs £750
  • Up to 90 Secs £1000
  • Up to 3 Mins £1500
  • Up to 10 Mins POA
  • Punch-Ups POA

Display Advertising

A relatively new string to our ever-expanding bow – in February 2020 White Label Comedy began work on a series of display Ads for one of our regular clients. These Ads will be placed in the EasyJet in-flight magazine.

  • Magazine Ads POA
  • Newspaper Ads POA
  • Tube Ads POA
  • Billboard Ads POA
  • Guerilla Marketing POA

Presentation Punch-Ups

If you think comedy can help win over your customers, just think how big an impact it can have on your colleagues, and the rest of the industry. Let the hive-mind add a layer of light-touch humour to your next presentation, and you won’t just make your audience laugh – you’ll make them love you.

  • Up to 15 Mins £495
  • Up to 30 Mins £995
  • Up to 45 Mins £1495
  • Up to 60 Mins £1995

Television Production

We built White Label Comedy for brands – but our collective TV credentials mean we often get Telly-types knocking at our door. We’ve generated VT ideas (and scripted a 4 minute insert film) for The One Show, helped development teams generate fun, funny, commissionable titles for their shows, and can also help punch up pitch-docs to make sure you’re not just telling the channel it’ll be funny – you’re showing them too.

  • "Name that show" brainstorms (15-20 ideas) £300
  • Punched-up Pitch Docs (up to 4 pages) £500
  • Punched-up Pitch Docs (up to 10 pages) £750
  • VT Script (up to 5 mins) £1500
  • VT Script Punch-Up (up to 8 mins) £750
  • Half-hour script punch-up POA
  • Hour-length script punch-up POA

Creative Brainstorms

Tired of staring at a blank page and waiting for great ideas to magically appear? Let our hive-mind be an extension of your mind – and you’ll have a slate of great ideas on your desk in no time.

  • Campaign Ideas Brainstorm £995
  • Video Content Ideas Brainstorm £995
  • Facebook Ad Ideas Brainstorm £995
  • Blog Content Brainstorm £995
  • Stage Design Brainstorm POA

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See that hive-mind right there? Those 30 people – a mix of comedy writers, copywriters and advertising creatives – they’re the reason we can flat-out guarantee  that we’ll write your next piece of content faster, AND make it funnier, than any single writer you’ve ever worked with.

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