Don’t laugh at me when you see this picture

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Crawling around my home office like a Bargain Bin Andy Serkis wasn’t my original plan…

No. When I put up the green screen, it was to make a load of new video content for you.

Social media insights. How-to-guides for writing your own brand-safe jokes…

That kind of thing.

Like I say, that was the plan.

But instead of making these videos, I had a much better idea…

I put on my morph suit – turning myself into a human green screen – and spent all day cropping my head onto animals and inanimate objects like a colossal weirdo.

It’s days like these that I realise how much time I used to waste doing ‘actual work’ at my ‘real job’…

The photos are now floating around various WhatsApp groups so my friends can also take time out of their days to mock me more than I saw coming bear witness to my creative genius.

But sending those images to our email list might be a mistake (not to mention legally actionable) so here’s a couple of BTS shots…


So. Much. Fun.

And I think we all do this to some extent.

“Nope, Adam. I’m fairly sure I don’t slip into a green morph suit and frolic around the flat for hours at a time…”

Oh, but you do – in your own way…

That is, we all take time out of our day just to have fun.

Do something that entertains us.

And it’s not just me that thinks it.

“40% of consumers follow social media accounts specifically to be entertained….

And 58% of consumers want to see more content that makes them laugh.”

– Content Works, the agency behind Philips and other Fortune 500 companies

And it just makes sense.

How many times per day, when we’re a little bored, do we open up IG or Twitter – or your social network of choice – just to be entertained?

You see something funny and immediately proceed to the comments to add “@myfriend check this out.”

We all do it.

And there’s no reason your brand can’t be the business making the posts that get customers to tag friends and share their posts.

You don’t even have to don a morph suit (although I’d strongly encourage it).

Recently, we’ve seen funny graphs do really well for our clients.

Like this one.

That is why, right now, we’ve got a great offer on Brands Against Mundanity: Graph Gags Edition.

Each pack contains a set of template cards that can be used to guide the creation of completely unique graph gag jokes for ANY brand or business.

We’re offering $20 off the regular price but for a strictly limited time.

You can see all the details here:

Because – much like my morph suit – that offer page leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

(Note to self: remember to add a gag about an ‘impressive package’ here.)


Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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