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Brands Against Mundanity Monthly

Join over 500+ brands and content creators who use humour to captivate their audience thanks to our monthly delivery of 31 viral joke templates.

Master The Art Of Writing Jokes That Sell

Funny Is Money

Learn our simple 5-step Conversion Comedy Framework to infuse your sales copy with humour that gets prospects reaching for their wallets (even if you’ve never written a joke before).

The Persuasion Key

Speed Read Your Audience

Effortlessly turn leads into eager buyers with Relatable Truths, PLUS unlock an infinite well of captivating content ideas.

Story Selling Mastery

Selling With Story Masterclass

Craft a magnetic story post in just 15 minutes that will have your followers clamouring for your offer with our 5-step Selling With Story system.

Brands Against Mundanity

The print-at-home card game for marketing teams aged 3+ who want social posts that entertain, engage and sell.

Against Mundanity

Brands Against Mundanity - The Black Box (Download)

Brands Against Mundanity - Meme-Maker Edition (Download)

Brands Against Mundanity - Graph Gags Edition (Download)

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The original Brands Against Mundanity, PLUS three, all-new expansion packs for the print-at-home creative card game that writes your social posts for you. Everything you need to entertain, engage and sell on social media. Buy now for just $67!