Tools, templates and trainings to help you entertain, engage and sell.

Brands Against Mundanity + Expansions Bundle (70% off)

The original Brands Against Mundanity, PLUS three, all-new expansion packs for the print-at-home creative card game that writes your social posts for you. Everything you need to entertain, engage and sell on social media. Buy now for just $67!

The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass

Our brand new 90 minute training will get you acquainted with the twelve types of relatable truth, four key post objectives and four essential activities you need to grow a hyper-engaged audience who go crazy for your content, and the stuff you sell.

The Social Success Machine Accelerator

A year’s worth of hands-on help and coaching from me and my team of top TV comedy writers and social media pros – PLUS lifetime access to the full Social Success Machine Accelerator training program (7 modules, adding up to over 10 hours of in-depth content).


Never run out of ideas for awesome social posts again. 31 new BAM cards in your inbox each and every month – a mix of text jokes, graph gags and meme-makers.

And for a limited time only, we’re giving you 2 months of BAM prompts for the price of one!

Speed Read Your Audience (Quickstart Training)

Unearth your audience’s unspoken fears, pains and desires in record time – and arm yourself with an endless stream of Relatable Truths you can use as the basis for engagement-driving content your audience will go crazy for.

Selling With Story Masterclass

Turn your audience’s fears, pains and desires into magnetic stories – using my proven 5-step process, to craft entertaining, engaging story posts in minutes.


In just 90 minutes, we’ll take you from social media zero to brand-safe comedy content hero.

Whether you’re selling products or services, and whatever your industry or niche – if you’re tired of putting more and more time, energy and money into your content and getting less and less of a return – this training is for you.

Brands Against Mundanity

The print-at-home card game for marketing teams aged 3+ who want social posts that entertain, engage and sell.

Against Mundanity

Brands Against Mundanity - The Black Box (Download)

Brands Against Mundanity - Meme-Maker Edition (Download)

Brands Against Mundanity - Graph Gags Edition (Download)

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