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Me and my team of Top TV Comedy Writers invite you to…

See How We Can Strategically Inject Belly Laughs into Your Marketing - to Create Lifelong Fans...and Supercharge Your Sales

Want to know what a crack-team of TV’s best comedy writers can do for your business?

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It’s your no-obligation opportunity to have White Label Comedy’s finest enter the depths of your funnel (which is less invasive than it sounds) and…

  • Identify key opportunities to increase sales – through our counterintuitive backwards funnel-building method!
  • Discover how our Relatability Matrix turns comedy into a simple “scientific” formula – so ANY business can confidently share brand-safe jokes to boost online reach…and delight customers!
  • Create a foolproof plan to inject more of the RIGHT kind of funny into your funnel…and send your sales through the roof!  

When not helping brands to entertain, engage and sell - our writers craft jokes for these award-winning shows!

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Who Are We?

(and how do we take our coffee?**)

Hi, I’m Adam Hunt – Former TV Producer and Creative Director of White Label Comedy….

…and I LOVE it when brands make their audiences laugh! 

Now some people say, when you market with comedy you’re playing with fire. I mean, imagine the fallout if your jokes go wrong?

At best, you might generate a few awkward sympathy chuckles. At worst your reputation could go up in flames.

No wonder most business owners give jokes a wide berth when it comes to their marketing.

And we think that’s a crying shame!

**black with four sugars, poured directly into our eyes

Because, the fact of the matter is this…

Just like great marketing messages – the best jokes are simply an entertaining and engaging way to reflect back your customers’ unspoken thoughts, desires and frustrations. 

It’s why jokes have been proven (by actual science boffins) to help strengthen relationships…increase trust….AND lower resistance to the powers of persuasion. 

It’s why, when you understand how to inject humour into your sales messages, you have an uncommon superpower that turns lukewarm followers into red hot buyers.

It’s also why we decided to create the world’s first digital marketing agency, powered by TV’s best comedy writers and the most persuasive copywriters money can buy.

We’re here to give you…

...Brand-Safe Comedy - Precision-Crafted to Convert Your Followers into Devoted Customers

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Now listen, we know you probably want to see how comedy can fit into YOUR marketing before you put us to work. 

It’s why we’re inviting you to a FREE 30-minute Virtual Coffee – so you can see for yourself how White Label Comedy can help grow your business.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1 Pick a date and time that suits you, using our simple online booking system.

Step 2Answer a couple of quick questions about your business – so our team can spring into action, to understand your brand.

(Once you’re booked in – we’ll email you a booking confirmation, with clear instructions on how to access your Virtual Coffee at your chosen time.)

Step 3Enjoy a hot cup o’ java while we show you how to strategically inject belly laughs into your business – to create lifelong superfans and supercharge your sales.

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