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Lobby Films and Advertising – It’s Victor’s Fault (2020)

Lobby Its Victors Fault Bat Image Stock Footage Funny Ads Archive
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In a time when lockdown has made most video shoots impossible, Portuguese production company Lobby used stock footage to produce this deliciously risky chunk of topical comedy to advertise the video services they’re still able to offer.

Bats are definitely having a moment right now, and this ad sees two beautiful specimens blaming a bat called Victor for the spread of coronavirus. They chat about how gutted they are to miss out on roles in the new Batman film, which has been postponed, but are delighted to be the stars of this one: “Viva stock footage!”


We love the creative use of stock footage, which aptly demonstrates Lobby’s ability to deliver branded video content even when they can’t get out and shoot.

Of course, what we love most is Lobby’s balls…so to speak. Many brands wouldn’t dare take on the world’s currently trending topic in such a light-hearted way. Lobby have taken a risk, but the end result is playful, tasteful and well-executed, so we doubt anyone will take offence. Let’s hope it pays off for them.
We only wish we were sufficiently multi-lingual to appreciate the dialogue jokes as they were written, rather than via the slightly dodgy subtitles. Still, “Viva stock footage!” made us giggle.