The social media diet for never-ending content ideas

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The secret to coming up with endless post ideas for social media is… let’s say… tasty.

Have you ever heard of Intuitive Eating?

It’s something I’m doing more of right now -and it’s got a surprising link with The Social Success Machine.

The idea behind intuitive eating is pretty simple.

Instead of obsessing over nutrients, or counting calories and spending 25 hours a day prepping tupperwares of chicken, broccoli and sadness to hit whatever ridiculous body-image goal you’ve somehow decided to set yourself…

You just listen to your body, and let it tell you what it wants or needs.

And for me, it’s been like a breath of fresh air.

(And sometimes, a fresh spoonful of peanut butter smeared over a digestive biscuit – when that’s what my body’s asking me for)

After a lifetime of struggling with my body image I’ve finally stopped trying to change my body – and instead, I’m just listening to it, letting it tell me what it needs from me to run.

And it’s great.

But I’m not trying to sell you on this way of eating.

The point is, my adventures in Intuitive Eating reinforced the power of including “Learn Posts” in The Social Success Machine:

Specifically, Chapter 5 – Customers Don’t like Surveys, Do This Instead.

I saw so many social media managers had pre-prepared content lists they thought their audience ‘should’ want to consume on social media.

A rigid meal plan of nutritionally ‘perfect’ posts, which they hoped would get their socials in the best shape of their lives…

Generally, as a result of some well-intended research or reading something about ‘audience profiling’.

But they never allowed their audience to ‘tell’ them what content they actually wanted to see. So these SMMs would end up with lacklustre results and be wondering why.

Once we taught them how to listen to their audience, it became super easy to come up with content ideas that hit the spot.

“The first scheduled post went live this morning. Great engagement with our customers and I have another 51 posts ready to go!”

The Social Success Machine Blueprint & Masterclass has 8 chapters that will give you everything we, our clients, and our students do to build engaged audiences who are ready to buy from them.

And for the next 2 days you can get a huge discount on the regular price. Plus, a FREE copy of Brands Against Mundanity Meme Maker Edition – or any other version if you already own that one.

Get the deal before it’s too late here:

In the meantime, I’m going to go and eat…whatever the hell I like, actually.



If you already own Meme Maker, worry not! YOUR bonus will be a different edition of Brands Against Mundanity of your choice or – if you’ve already got all of those – a random edition of Brands Against Mundanity Monthly. In other words – you’ll get brand-safe joke templates galore, on us.

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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