Old McDonald’s system for social media success

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It seems managing social media accounts is much like running a farm and campsite…

(And no – that’s not just my latest excuse for my desk looking like a pigsty.)

See – my friend owns a farm and campsite, and asked if I’d look after it for the weekend…

Let me be clear, I know very little about animals.

And only marginally more about tents.

But he said, “don’t worry, just give the animals food, and they’ll be happy. And give the guests cider, and they’ll be happy. I’ll show you everything before we go”.

I didn’t think it was a good idea, but I like cider, so I agreed to help him out.

So I arrived Friday night to get up to speed, but he’d already GONE!

That sneaky little basta…

Oh look, a note and a case of cider.

“Sorry mate had to dash. But here’s a task list of everything you need to do and some beverages for your troubles.”

This “task list” was like the dummies guide to not f*cking up his farm and included every minute detail possible.

First, take care of the horses.

Step one – brush them down.
Step two – wipe down the riding gear.
Step three – get the whips and chains out for the guests’ evening activity…

Hang on, what kind of farm…


As it turns out, this whole farming thing is a breeze.

Don’t let those farmers who “get up at 4am and spend all day out in the elements” tell you otherwise.

You just drink cider all day while the… er… “intern” you paid £50 to complete the task list does everything for you.

No animals died.

And all 5 guests were thrilled to get cold cider delivered at £3 a bottle, sold in packs of 10 – neatly recouping the £50 I paid to “the intern”, plus some pocket money.

It just shows you what following a simple system and a bit of creative thinking can achieve in a weekend.

Which is exactly what The Social Success Machine Blueprint & Masterclass delivers.

You follow the simple steps – or get one of your junior team members to – and watch your social accounts grow, steadily building a loyal audience you can soon turn into paying customers.

Like Evelyn who said:

“White Label Comedy are brill! I’m on such a roll that I’ve been up all night batch-creating content for my clients and myself.

This is a welcome string to my bow.

Who’d have ever thought being myself would be so profitable.

Thanks again!”

And to make things even better, The Social Success Machine Blueprint & Masterclass is on sale!

We’re offering 73% off the regular price, plus we’ll give you a FREE copy of Brands Against Mundanity Meme Maker Edition.

You can get the offer today here:


(Tickets to this evening’s Whips n Chains “barn dance” sold separately.)



If you already own Meme Maker, worry not! YOUR bonus will be a different edition of Brands Against Mundanity of your choice or – if you’ve already got all of those – a random edition of Brands Against Mundanity Monthly. In other words – you’ll get brand-safe joke templates galore, on us.

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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