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NHS – Take the drama out of minor illnesses – Print Ads (2020)

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The NHS have teamed up with M&C Saatchi (Advertising Agency) to come up with a print campaign to encourage people to visit their pharmacist first, for minor ailments. These prints depict three minor illnesses, and their symptoms, all within the theme of a classic movie poster design.

Night of the Itchy Eye


Earache – Strikes Back


Sore Throat – And the Lost Voice



These three print Ads follow on from a TV Ad that fell short of the mark – telegraphing the punchline throughout the piece, making sure there was no humour gap for our brains to jump, completely neutering what would’ve otherwise been a satisfyingly funny piece.

They seem to have learnt from their mistakes, though – because these three Print Ads are bang on the money.

They’ve kept the artwork as close to the original as possible, giving the viewer an instantly recognisable and attention grabbing image – full of clever details that you’ll only see once you start to look closer – which ensures a longer interaction with the Ads.

They’ve even turned the credits into a list of symptoms, which leads your eye straight to their call to action – a great touch.

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