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Progressive Insurance – WFH – What Day (2020)

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We’re already big fans of Progressive’s funny ads featuring Mara, Flo and their colleagues. The insurance company’s new series of spots is themed around working from home during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, with the characters meeting via video call each episode.

Progressive Insurance funny advert taking place on a video call during lockdown


This latest instalment, ‘What Day’, is dubbed ‘the Improv Edition’. We love the characters, and the performers are strong improvisers, but we preferred the tighter (presumably scripted) thirty second spots in this series.

‘What a Day’ is full of funny lines like, “I don’t really do days. I really just do months”, but there’s a little too much dead air between the jokes for our tastes — we’d have loved to see these improvised gems condensed into a tighter edit.

That being said, we’re still chalking this up as a big win for Progressive.

They’ve already successfully turned their advertising into a long-running sitcom with loveable, funny characters — and now they’ve taken that to the next level.

This series is the funniest and most tasteful topical take on the lockdown situation we’ve seen so far.

If you liked the new improv edition, you’ll LOVE the thirty second spots that were released last week:

Role Play

Mara Unmuted

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