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Pringles – Rick and Morty x Pringles – Super Bowl Ad (2020)

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This is Pringles’ third attempt at getting us on board with the rather odd idea of ‘flavour stacking’ via a funny Super Bowl commercial. And they may have finally cracked it.


This feels like Pringles finally found the right angle – a suitably mad way to sell us on their mad idea.

Of course, it’s a direction that only works off the backs of its predecessors that didn’t quite land.
By showing willingness to poke fun at themselves and hang a lantern on previous misfires, they’ve made us love them a little bit more.

They placed their trust in seasoned comedy writers and animators (we’re not denying Bill Hader’s genius as a comic actor, but please – someone write that man a joke!), and produced an ad that’s entertaining, engaging, and bound to rope in a whole legion of Rick and Morty fans.

Perhaps that’s the masterstroke of this collaboration – sell chips to animated comedy fans who, well…may frequently find themselves with a distinct craving for carbs of an evening.

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