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Avocados From Mexico – Top Dog (2019)

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When you combine comedy, dogs and celebrities – there can be a very fine between funny commercial and car crash tv. Luckily – this falls in line with the former.

In this funny Ad we find humans taking part in the 53rd Annual Human Canine Show. This is where humans have to perform various tricks in order to please dogs – an excellent parody of dog shows like Crufts.

And what is the most coveted prize in this situation? A trophy filled with guacamole made with avocados by Avocados From Mexico! Of course it is…

The humans do all the tricks they make dogs do at these competitions, including sitting, handshaking, staying and rolling over. During the rollover section, one of the contestants one-ups the rest by rolling over his 401K.

All does not go according to plan, as one of the contestants tries to rush for the prize. She gets penalized just like a naughty dog would – they put a cone on her so she can’t enjoy the guacamole.

Kristin Chenoweth also features. She plays one of the commentators – and gives a pretty solid performance.

Avocados from Mexico are known for their fun, entertaining Ads and this Super Bowl commercial was loved by their fans.

This funny advert is one of the best in history – at least, according to us.

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