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Pop Tarts – Keep Your Hand On Your…Pop Tart (2019)

Wondering how far you can push the double-entendres? Pop Tarts seem to have it about right – if the interaction to this tweet is anything to go by! As long as you know your audience, then you can manage the risk and reap the rewards. I like my tarts where I like my money. Right in my fanny — Pop-Tarts (@PopTartsUS) February 1, 2019

Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut 1 Leeds United 0 (2019)

If brand rivalry is your thing, be careful who you pitch it to. Pizza Hut got over 250K interactions here from a single (and free) one-line burn of Leeds United. That’s a lot of potential pizza sales from a single tweet. Bit rich coming from a club that hasn’t delivered since 1992… — Pizza Hut Restaurants (@pizzahutuk) January 17, 2019

Marmite Advert — Marmite Mind Control Experiment

Marmite’s marketing over the last couple of years has centred around the idea of turning ‘Marmite haters’ into ‘Marmite lovers’ via hypnosis. We’ve enjoyed lots of the ads in this series, even if we felt that most of them didn’t fully turn the funny core idea into consistently funny video content. This particular three-minute film is the culmination of Marmite’s genuine social experiment, in which they invited the Marmite haters to apply to be hypnotised

GNC – Get Your Goal On (2019)

Synopsis A GNC employee explains the lengths they go to in order to be there for their customers – whenever they need them Review Not the most inventive Ad, but some fun moments – all built around exaggerating the key message that their team are “always” there for you. Literally, always. Even when you’re sleeping. Entry Submitted By Adam Hunt, Creative Director, White Label Comedy This funny advert is one of the best in history

Marmite Advert — Marmite Mind Control Taster

Marmite’s marketing over the last couple of years has centred around the idea of turning ‘Marmite haters’ into ‘Marmite lovers’ via hypnosis. In 2019, they actually ran a social experiment in which they apparently converted seven out of ten haters into lovers. This ad is supposedly an excerpt from the hypnosis film used in the experiment — albeit with the hypnotherapy segments removed, according to the brand’s disclaimer in the YouTube description. The trippy visuals

Aviation Gin – Rejected Slogans (2019)

Coming up with a slogan is hard work – just ask the face-of and part-owner of Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds. In this hilarious ad, we see the actor trying to come up with slogans for the brand. He tries a lot of them, but none of them seem right. And that’s fair – slogans aren’t easy. They don’t just pop up out of thin air. Some are too blunt: “If you’re drinking anything else, you’re

GEICO – Lobster Hot Tub Party (2019)

GEICO prides itself on offering the best deals when it comes to car insurance premiums. In fact, once you know how great their deals are, “nothing will be able to excite you as much”. At least that’s their brand message – and one they’re hoping you’ll buy into. In this funny commercial, we see a married couple in a hot tub with a lobster. At first, it seems that both of them are puzzled by

REMA 1000 – Smartmill (2019)

REMA 1000 is pushing hard with its no-frills message in this hilarious commercial. The supermarket chain tries to show us that complicated and expensive isn’t always better than simple and inexpensive. In this funny advert, we see a man ready to go for his morning run. But instead of venturing out into the great outdoors, he does it all from the comfort of his smart home. All he has to do is say the word,

Pringles – Sad Device (2019)

The human experience is filled with many things that bring us joy… one of those things is flavor-stacking our Pringles! Why settle for one flavor of Pringles in your mouth when you could have two… or three… or maybe even four? In this funny commercial, we see one guy stacking his favorite Pringles flavors to create what he dubs the “spicy nacho stack.” His friend asks him how many flavor stack combinations are there, and

Mint Mobile – Chunky-Style Milk? That’s Not Right (2019)

Once in a while, you look at something and go, “That’s not right.” It could be that what you’re looking at is so “too good to be true” that your mind is failing to fathom its awesomeness… even if it’s something you shouldn’t be questioning in the first place. Here to set the record straight on what’s right and what isn’t is Mint Mobile’s hilarious commercial. To begin with, we see a man who stumbles

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