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McDonald’s – Eggs (2019)

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McDonald’s has put out several ads with the basic message: ‘Our eggs are real, damn it!’

It’s clearly a delicate subject. As long as they keep using comedy to convey that message, we’re not complaining.

Regular readers will know how much we appreciate adverts that layer different types of comedy — this is a fine example, with jokes in the voiceover, physical comedy, and plenty of text-gags. Keep an ear out for some off-screen calamity at the 26-second mark, too — sound effects are an underestimated and under comedy tool — but the creative team behind this ad has combined sound with the other tools at their disposal to great effect.

That being said, we’d have liked to see even more gags. Forty seconds is a generous runtime — our writers could definitely have squeezed some extra jokes into the voiceover script — and we wonder whether the set could’ve featured more background jokes to reward repeat viewers’ close attention.

This is just one of our favourite funny McDonald’s adverts — read our analysis of the funniest McDonald’s adverts of recent years, here.