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The 50 Funniest Commercials and Adverts of ALL TIME

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Ok – this is it. The big one. This is our definitive list of the 50 funniest commercials of all time.

That’s literally the funniest adverts ever. The best Ads of all time – as voted for by YOU. (Or at least, those of you that voted).

If you’re looking to find commercials to inspire your own work, and you need examples of humour in advertising at its best, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Without further ado – let’s get into it.

The Best Funny Ads of All Time

Funny Adverts 50 to 41


50 – Hyundai – First Date (2016)

The overprotective father trope is often overplayed – but it’s pitched to perfection here in this tongue in cheek Hyundai Ad featuring Kevin Hart as a concerned father who lets his daughter and her date borrow his new car, but only because its impressive security features means he’ll know exactly where they are, and it’s safety features will keep them, and the car, from harm.


49 – Progressive Insurance – Off the Mara-ket (2020)

Two girls in a bar – one’s doing all she can to put off the guys approaching. She tries being weird, she tries being kooky, and she tries being boring – by reciting the benefits of taking out a policy with Progressive Insurance. A neat way to slip in some USPs, acknowledge that they’re dull, yet have someone on screen insist they’re not.


48 – The League – Meet the Parents (2020)

Every parent’s worst nightmare made literal – as a much loved daughter arrives home to introduce her (actual) trash-can of a boyfriend to the family. And it escalates nicely from there.


47 – John Smith’s Bitter – Peter Kay (2002-05)

Not a single ad, but a series – grouped together because they all make the same gag. Comedian Peter Kay is John Smiths Bitter personified – and in each of these funny ads, he takes a win of some kind for the “ordinary man on the street”.

Funny, relatable, and repeatable – the best kind of humour in advertising. The first funny ad from the UK in our rundown – but definitely not the last.



46 – Geico – Hump Day (2013)

How happy are customers who switch to Geico? Happier than a camel on Hump Day – apparently. We’re trying to be objective when compiling this list – and so many of you LOVE the Geico “Hump Day” commercials that we couldn’t not put at least one of them into our Top 50.

A funny ad that spawned a seemingly never-ending series – this one’s where it began. Is this one of the funniest brand commercials of all time? No. But you guys voted it in – and we’re slaves to the system.


45 – Waze – Air Dancer (2020)

Navigation app Waze remind us that their platform supports location-based advertising — and underlines the idea that it’s the next big thing, making other forms of advertising obsolete — through the tragicomic sob story of one of those inflatable tube man thingies.

They also save the most obvious joke until just after you’re sure they’re not going to be making it at all – which doubles the effects of the humor in this case.


44 – Bridgestone Golf Tour B SplitScreen (2019)

Tiger Woods and a Tiger Woods impressionist team up to help sell golf balls.


43 – Drug Free Kids Canada – Dark Gummies (2020)

DFKC want parents to know that cannabis gummies and other edibles aren’t as cute as they seem, so they had a talented cast of gummy bears enact the kind of sadistic mischief your kids might when they’re high on edibles.

Proof that humor in advertising can be weird AF and still work. We’re massively into it.


42 – GNC – Get Your Goal On (2019)

This hardware store are there for their customers – whenever they need them. Even when that means going to scary extremes.


41 – McDonalds – Saver Menu – Rubber Glove (2019)

When times are hard, every parent looks to save money where they can. You could send your kid to a swimming gala with a rubber glove for a swim hat. Or, you could just eat from the McDonalds Saver Menu.

A cute relatable Ad that talks about finance in a warm, inclusive way – this is one of those funny commercials the UK could only pull off. No offence, Americans, but I just don’t think you’d get this one.

Funniest Commercials 40 to 31


40 – Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Safe – Indiana Jones Spoof (1984)

The lengths some people will go to, to keep their Terry’s Chocolate Orange safe. A spot-on spoof of one of the biggest films of the era – and it’s one that’s aged well, even now.


39 – Virgin Media – Unlimiting (2019)

Virgin Media prove that life with them as your ISP is completely unlimited. You can do ANYTHING.

Well – almost anything. You still can’t drive a bus off a cliff without plummeting to your doom – but never mind. You can’t win ’em all.


38 – Trebor Softmints – Mr Soft (1987)

Mr Soft lives in a soft world. The song is about him being soft. The product he’s advertising is called Softmints. Then he hits a not so soft lamppost.

This made it into our rundown of the funniest TV adverts of the 80s – which you should definitely read.


37 – Samsung – QLED + 6 Underground + Ryan Reynolds (2019)

An Ad within an Ad within an Ad. Meta. A great funny product commercial for – well – for 3 different products at once. Humor in marketing (in marketing about marketing) at its best.


36 – McDonald’s UK – Ball Pit (2020)

The fast food giant uses comedy to make it clear just how much more you’re paying for than your coffee when you drink in a hipster coffee shop. A funny commercial that perfectly positions McCafe as the place to go for no nonsense, no frills, quality coffee.


35 – REMA 1000 – Smartmill (2019)

We’re in the era of the voice assistant – but not all of them are created equal. Sometimes, simplicity is key – as Rema proves with this Ad that shows a treadmill defiantly obeying the “commands” of the radio, no matter what its exhausted user tries to tell it.


34 – Birdseye Steakhouse Grills – We Hope It’s Chips (1982)

A deliciously catchy song to help sell what the people of 1982 presumably believed was a deliciously tasty “steak”. The food hasn’t stood the test of time – but the song has – itself being parodied by everyone from Matt Lucas and David Williams to… well… just them, actually. Still. Great song.


33 – BCITO – Stakeout (2020)

A father determined to prove his son’s an idiot for taking on a modern apprenticeship goes to ridiculous lengths – only to prove that he’s the fool, and his son’s doing great. This rockumentary-style Ad feels like a cross between The Office and Summer Heights High. And has the best elements of both.

32 – Hamlet Cigars – Photobooth (1986)

Gregor Fisher (of Rab C Nesbitt fame) stars in this funny Advert for something you can’t sell on TV any more: cigars. These Ad Campaigns have been consigned to the archives. Archives like ours.


31 – Dime Bar (now Daim Bar) – Avalanche (1983)

When everybody’s favourite chocolate bar (what? Well it’s mine, anyway) burst onto the scene in the early 80s, their USP was the crunch. What better way to emphasise that crunch by comparing it with the rumble of an avalanche. Nice bait and switch gives us a satisfying punchline to end with, too.


Funny Commercials 30 to 21


30 – Pepsi – Okurrr (2019)

We didn’t want to include this Pepsi advert – as there’s some division in the ranks as to whether or not it’s actually as funny as it thinks it is. But Cardi B’s been blackmailing us – and we really don’t want those pictures to be leaked to the press – so for now, it’s staying in the rundown.


29 – Compare the Market – Keep Life Simples (2019)

No one’s going to be surprised to see Aleksandr Orlov and Sergei making it into this list of funny adverts. It was hard to choose which of these should make it into our rundown – because the whole series of commercials is so good – but this example from 2019 just had the edge on those that have come since.


28 – Peperami – it’s A Bit Of An Animal (1995)

In these carbon footprint conscious eco-friendly social media times, you’re unlikely to see a new brand go big on the idea that their product is “a bit of an animal” – but back in the mid 90s, when the world was just wising up to how much “nothing” has made its way into our food, it was a great tagline that proved a point, paired with a comedy character who made people laugh.


27 – Deliveroo – The Bottomless Bag (2019)

Deliveroo shows just how many different meals you can get from them by delivering them all in one Mary Poppins -esque bottomless bag. xfOne huge family, and an army of cute kids.

A fun, funny ad – although it did get banned for being misleading. Should that mean we take it off this list? Hell no. It still ticks all the boxes for their target audience, at least as far as we’re concerned.


26 – Innocent Smoothies – Duncan From Blue (2019)

Duncan from Blue paid to promote Innocent’s new blue drink – this could’ve been a car crash, but instead if was a self-referential delight of an advert. A self-deprecating star, and a brand that refuses to take itself too (/at all) seriously – that’s a match made in comedy commercial heaven.

(as a side-note – the Innocent team are a content marketer’s dream. You can read more about how their humorous campaigns right here over here).


25 – Devour – Food Porn (2019)

Porn addiction is serious. Food porn addiction – even moreso. The worst, though – is Frozen Food Porn Addiction. That shit tears apart families.


24 –  Specsavers – Rollercoaster (2009)

Specsavers the opticians really do have their messaging on-point. Every single one of their advertising campaigns shows you the kind of scrapes you’ll get yourself into if you don’t look after your eyesight, and get yourself that perfect pair of specs.

“Rollercoaster” is one of their most successful humorous adverts – but it’s not the only Specsavers Ad to make it into our Top 50.


23 – Bachelor’s “Mushy Peas” (1994)

A super simple play on the word “mushy” gives you a super simple advert that was almost certainly made on a tight budget. It’s great to see the techniques we use to help brands find their funny at play even back in the 90s.


22 –  Coke Zero – Say It Again, Ken Jeong! (2012)

Community’s Ken Jeong proves that, when it comes to Coca Cola’s Coke Zero at least, we don’t need to say “OR”, we can just say “AND”.


21 – Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice (2018)

Amazon have managed to completely nail their messaging with Alexa – they invent fake problems, and build the Ads around those problems – which lets them make their Ads funny, seemingly at their own expense, yet without ever actually making fun of the “real” Alexa.

A great way to use false modesty to sell what would otherwise be quite a boring product – and without a doubt, one of the funniest ads of 2018.


Funniest Adverts 20 to 11


20 – BauBax – How To Make Airline Travel Not Suck (2019)

A great example of “the funny advert” having exponentially more of an impact than “the serious advert” – this brilliant piece for BauBaxs’s innovative travel jacket got 93x the reach in its first month online than the unfunny version achieved in a full calendar year. And it really is a joy to watch.


19 – John Smiths Bitter – Acrobatic Dog (1981)

Arkwright’s new dog won’t do anything for anyone. Unless – that is – you offer him a drop of John Smiths.

Then he’s an absolute acrobat. What a dog! And what a timeless Ad


18 – Talking Pages – Gabrielle Drake and John Cleese (1989)

These days, if your ceiling falls through and your house is filling up with water, you can just google “emergency callout plumbers near me”. Back in the late 80s, you had to ring round them all to find one who could help. Unless, of course, you rang Talking Pages. A funny Ad – although one does wonder why John Cleese and Gabrielle Drake didn’t just – well – leave the house?!


17 – The National Lottery – #PleaseNotThem James Blunt (2016)

He’s the master of self-deprecating comedy on Twitter – which is why it was so savvy of The National Lottery to use James Blunt in their #PleaseNotThem campaign. Basically – you need to play, and win, so that “they” don’t. Other villains featured in this series include Noel Edmonds and Dame Judi Dench. I think.


16 –  British Telecom – Maureen Lipman, Ology (1988)

A commercial that’s been quoted by proud mothers up and down the country since 1988 – presumably none of them realising that the joke here is on them. Nonetheless – this classic Ad featuring Maureen Lipman definitely deserves its place in our Top 50.


15 – Avocados From Mexico – Top Dog (2019)

A brilliant twist on the Crufts dynamic – instead of dogs who look like their owners, competing for treats, we have owners who look like their dogs, competing for the one things humans love most: Avocados. From Mexico. Throw in an appearance by Kristin Chenoweth for good measure – and you’ve got yourself one Top Dog of an Ad.

One of the funniest ads of 2019 (in fact, the second best – if your votes are anything to go by).


14 – Pringles – Rick and Morty x Pringles – Super Bowl Ad (2020)

For three years straight, Pringles have been using their Super Bowl Ad to try and persuade us that “flavour stacking” was a thing. The two previous Super Bowl commercials weren’t just unpersuasive, they were unfunny too – showing a real lack of insight into how humor works.

Luckily this big game tie-in with Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty sets that straight – because in a world of infinite universes, at least one of them must have made flavour stacking work.


13 – John West Salmon – Bear Fight (2000)

The perfect example of expectations being subverted – as a David Attenborough documentary turns into an episode of Trigger Happy TV. We wonder whether Dom Joly will admit to this being his inspiration? Who knows – but what we do know is that it’s a comedy commercial that’s inspired many of those who’ve come since.


12 – Volkswagen – Buying a Volkswagen From an Old Lady (2010)

You might think buying a car from one careful lady owner is a safe bet – although as this Volkswagen ad proves, you should never judge a driver by their… cover? Anyway – it doesn’t matter how crazy you drive – in a Volkswagen, you and the car are always safe. That’s the message here – and one delivered with a GSOH to boot.


11 – Google – Home Alone: Macaulay Culkin Google Assistant Parody (2018)

When two worlds collide, it can only mean good things. With Macaulay Culkin and the entire plot of Home Alone drafted in to help sell us the new Google Assistant – you’d be hard pressed not to end up with a fun, funny TV spot. They’ve nailed their target market bang on.

According to you, our voters, this was the funniest commercial in 2018. Bravo – you’ve chosen well.


It’s hotting up – here are Funny Ads 10 to 1

These are – officially – the best funny adverts in history: our top ten funniest ads, as voted for by you.

10 – Pepsi Max – Office Interview (2009)

Would you go crazy in an interview to scare off all the other candidates – in order to come to the aid of your bro, the one who really wants to get the job?

Yes. Yes you would. Because you drink Pepsi Max. A confusing message – but still a fun, funny TV spot.


9 – Heat Electric – Creature Comforts, Pablo The Parrot (2004)

Anthropomorphism at its best – this groundbreaking series of advertisements featured real interviews with customers dubbed over animated animals, perfectly paired with the story being told. Beautifully surreal, and still funny today.


8 – Compare The Market – Compare The Meerkat (2009)

This is the second time on this list for our plucky meerkats – this one is the original, and arguably the best.

This is where it all began – the advert that spawned a dynasty.


7 – Budweiser & Uber – Whassup Again (2020)

As anyone who’s ever seen sitcom “Joey” will attest – a reboot is rarely as good as the original. But in this tie-in with Uber, Budweiser managed to breathe fresh life into their outdated “Whassup” campaign – and actually, improved upon it. This is far from Bud Light – and proves that a sense of humour in marketing goes a long, long way.


6 – Nationwide – PayDay SaveDay: Money Problems (2019)

For years, advertisers have been trying to work out how to use comedians (who are great at making us laugh) in their adverts (designed to sell us their products). In recent years, Nationwide have said sod it – let’s keep things simple – with a series of ads that feature snippets of stand-up comedy that loosely tie in with each of their products and services. And they’re great.

This is our highest ranking funny commercial of 2019 – and we hope you can see why.


5 – Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010)

Look at your man, now back to me. Now back to him, now back to me. This is the advert that proved Old Spice was far from old – as they bounced back onto the scene with a killer TV commercial selling a vintage product with modern day wit, warmth and good humour.


4 – Marmite – Mind Control AA (2020)

A funny commercial hidden “inside” a boring one – this does a great job of selling us marmite, AND car insurance. (Sorry Aleksandr!). Were there any better funny Ads in 2020? Well – yes. One. And you can see that below.


3 – Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades Are F***ing Great (2012)

if I had a dollar for every time a client had said to me “we want something like that Dollar Shave Club Ad” – I’d have, well, a lot of dollars. It’s not without good reason though – because this Ad has become shorthand for “funny content that might go viral”. This first funny commercial for Dollar Shave Club built an entire brand – and has been replicated by others the world over.


2 – Specavers – Sauna (2011)

This is the second Specsavers commercial to make it into our Top 50 – and it’s arguably their best. Guy thinks he’s in a steamy sauna. Smoke clears – turns out he’s in a smoke-filled kitchen.

The kicker? It’s Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen – and he’s about to lay the smackdown.

Our highest ranking funny British commercial – and with good reason.


1 – Snickers – #SnickersFixtheWorld (2020)

Snickers’ 2020 Super Bowl Ad took their “you’re not you when you’re hungry” message and supersized it to the nth degree – as an entire movement of angry people dug a whole, and fed the world a snickers.

It started with Betty White in 2010, and ended right here. A beautifully silly idea, and one that simultaneously takes itself seriously and really doesn’t. You couldn’t ask for more – and that’s why we’re giving it our number one spot.

The funniest commercial of 2020, and the top funny ad of all time.


Not convinced those were really the funniest ads ever? Got funny adverts or commercials you think we’ve missed? Submit them to the Funny Ads Archive and we’ll be sure to keep them in mind when we next update this list.


Honourable Mentions

Here are some of the Ads that we love, but you – for some reason – didn’t vote for. We couldn’t help but include them in this list anyway in one form or another, because the world needs to see them. Again.

Humour in Advertising – Examples YOU missed

Doritos – The Cool Ranch feat. Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott

New Doritos Cool Ranch just got cooler – and you need to watch this, if just for the dancing.

Rocket Mortgage – Jason Momoa Super Bowl LIV Commercial (2020)

Jason Momoa arrives home, takes off his muscles and his good looks, and relaxes – in the one place he knows he’s ok to be himself. We wonder if he’s a San Francisco 49ers fan? We imagine he is.


Michelob Ultra – Jimmy Kimmell World Out Super Bowl Spot (2020)

With the help of his new friends John Cena, Usain Bolt, Brooks Kopek, Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh. Oh – and The Roots. Late Night TV Legend Jimmy Kimmell shows that working out can be fun.


Jeep – Groundhog Day (2020)

Bill Murray brings back Groundhog Day to help Jeep sell the one thing you wouldn’t mind doing day in day out – driving your new Jeep Gladiator. This is one marketing campaign you won’t mind watching over and over again.


Metro Trains – Dumb Ways To Die (2013)

This Melbourne train company have done an awesome job of using humour to draw attention to a serious safety issue. One for us all to watch.


Cheetos – MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This (2020)

Famed for the dayglo orange “Cheetos dust” you get all over your fingers when enjoying this cheesy snack – Cheetos have embraced the chaos, and turned it into the world’s biggest positive.

With your hands so dirty, as MC Hammer says: you can’t touch this. In fact, you can’t touch anything – so you’ll be able to get out of any tedious task.

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