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Innocent Drinks Funny Tweet – ‘Pancake Day Advice’

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This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from the Innocent Drinks Twitter account.

Topical posting is a key component of social media marketing success. But what can you do if you don’t have any products or services relevant to a specific day, such as Pancake Day? If you’re the Innocent Drinks social media team, you just straight up acknowledge that and make a joke out of it!

Colourful visual content stands out on overcrowded social media feeds, and in this example it acts as the setup for the joke. Even better! The punchline, of course, is the reveal that “it won’t go with them at all”.

We love the gentle, overly honest tone of this gag— it fits the idea that the brand is ‘innocent’ in every sense.

You can read more in our comprehensive article where we analyse how Innocent used comedy to become officially Awesome on Social Media! There’s no doubt that they are one of the funniest brands on social media.

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