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The Marketing Millennials – 17 Views and a Sigh

Why we love it: Here we see perhaps the silliest form of graph gag in action – the ‘single answer’ pie chart. This one works not just because it subverts our expectation that a pie chart is usually composed of multiple segments, but also because it expresses a Relatable Pain that clearly resonates with the Marketing Millennials’ audience: “I spend hours on content, only for it to flop.” Ironically, we imagine this post took minutes

Adam Hunt – From Laughs to Leads

Why we love it: We wrote it! Look closer, see – that’s Adam Hunt from White Label Comedy. (No, not Buzz Lightyear. Above that.) This was our top LinkedIn post for the month, bringing in more than 1.5 million impressions, 13k likes, 400 comments, 1.2k new followers and – most importantly – 126 new leads. What you can learn from it: Aside from “hire White Label Comedy”? Oh, OK then… Firstly, don’t be afraid to

Dave Harland – COPYFEST

Why we love it: Dave’s done it again – dropping this spoof Glastonbury festival poster packed with copywriters’ relatable truths, on the same day the real Glasto lineup was trending. Oh, and bonus points for the meta joke in “irretreivable typo”. *chef’s kiss* What you can learn from it: Keep a living document full of your audience’s relatable truths, adding to it as and when you discover new ones. Here at White Label Comedy, we

Dave Harland – Linkedin Whiners Unite

Why we love it: It’s another tight meta one-liner from The Word Man, Dave Harland. But importantly, it’s not just smart for smart’s sake – there’s a relatable truth at its core. What you can learn from it: Trim your jokes. Then trim them again. And again. Until there are almost no words left. (At which point, you may have removed too much – so check it still makes sense.)

Dave Harland – Social Media Trolls

Why we love it: Dave Harland, AKA The Word Man, is one of our favourite copywriters on LinkedIn. Here he’s using the ‘educational carousel post’ format that’s everywhere on the platform right now – but he’s subverting it by giving ridiculous (hilarious) advice inspired by his ideal clients’ pain points, to drive opt-ins for his email list. What you can learn from it: Make jokes about the problems you solve for your audience. For example,

Delta – Time Flies (2020)

When most airlines were spending more time on the ground than in the sky, Delta posted this tweet, suggesting that a flight into the future might go down well! Using humour to demonstrate that they understand (and share) the current frustrations of their customers. Who’s with us? — Delta (@Delta) October 13, 2020

Xbox – Blowing Smoke up your Xbox (2020)

Sometimes a customer may complain that a product isn’t performing as it should be. There’s not always a straightforward explanation. When the opportunity arises, feel free to share your brands incredulity. It can really pay off! We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X. — Xbox (@Xbox) November 11, 2020  

SparkNotes – Breaking Bard (2020)

Spark notes have again broken down their brand message into their joke – we make studying fun. This joke is very to their audience (computer files and Shakespeare) and they very rarely miss with any of their social humour. 📁Shakespeare plays └📁Characters └📁Communication skills └⚠️This folder is empty — SparkNotes (@SparkNotes) January 16, 2020

Merriam-Webster – You Said What? (2020)

If there’s one thing people don’t appear to do much of before posting on social, it’s check the facts. This means that there can be fun to be had in simply posting little reminders. A little sarcasm can go a long way if you find yourself the victim of an unjust attack. This “recently” happened in 1934. You’ll be fine. — Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) November 2, 2020

Innocent – Bean Drinking? (2020)

When Innocent post about smoothies – it’s often made-up smoothies, like this brilliantly silly fake collab with Heinz. This post alone got 532 people talking, 1200 sharing and 1600 people hit the like button – and it was only a tiny part of the campaign. Most of the comments were from people shocked and appalled by such a crazy idea – and Innocent took the time to respond to each and every one of them personally

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