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Progressive Insurance – Off the Mara-ket (2020)

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Mara and Flo are at a karaoke bar, wearing their branded aprons and badges (as you do). They keep getting hit on by guys, but Mara’s not having any of it — she shuts each one down by advertising her fictional unattractive traits: “I have a back rash”, “I laugh like this”, and crucially, “I love insurance”.


This ad nails the basics of sketch comedy while making it abundantly clear what’s being sold. It also demonstrates the brand’s self-awareness. They know insurance is typically considered boring, and they’re not afraid to lean into that.

We’re big fans.

There’s one clear premise, illustrated through three escalating jokes — the third of which is the sales message. A final ‘kicker’ gag (Flo is interested in learning more about the insurance) not only gets an extra laugh, but also reinforces the sales message. Structurally, they’ve nailed it.

Of course, it’s helped over the line by strong performances from the two leads (and even the supporting cast — we love how the second guy spins on his heel when he hears Mara’s laugh).

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