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Coca Cola – Focus Group (2020)

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A focus group of mythological hybrids gets confused about the new cherry vanilla coke.


There’s one gag here — the assembled mythological beasts can’t get their heads around the idea that you can put two things in one thing. It’s funny because that’s kind of what they are. Get it? GET IT?

Yeah, it’s more of an ‘Oh! I guess that’s clever’ moment than a joke. To its credit, this ad achieves its primarily goal (tell us about the new product’s USPs) quickly and effectively, which is more than can be said for many of the high-concept ads we’ve seen.

In short, it’s a promising top line idea, brought to life with some fun costumes and production design — but with all the jokes missing. Here’s hoping this is the first in a series of increasingly hilarious ads in which these characters grapple with the notion of ‘two in one’.

Check out the ad for yourself here.

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