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Pringles – Pringles Has Entered the Game (2020)

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This series of ads sees a pair of gamers use an Xbox controller to bring the excitement of gaming into the real world — before sitting back to enjoy the spectacle over a can of Pringles.


This brand is no stranger to the White Label Comedy Funny Ads Archive. We loved their recent Rick and Morty collaboration — their other Super Bowl spots, not so much.

These short and sweet ads highlight an association between Pringles and video gaming that has possibly never been more relevant. Most of the world is currently stuck at home, after all.

We like the ambition of the core idea, and we’re always pleased to see a brand splash out on the VFX. We only wish these visual ‘gags’ had lived up to their full potential in terms of actually making us laugh. We suppose Pringles can’t hire the Rick and Morty team to write every ad — but we wish they’d consulted comedy writers somewhere along the line for this one.

A solid effort, but certainly not a brand high score.

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