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Nicole Alexandra Michaelis – Copy Meets Design

Why we love it: Here we’ve got another LinkedIn marketer taking advantage of the relative rarity of memes on the platform – once again using the format to present one of her audience’s relatable pains. But what we love most here is that Nicole posted this still from Succession shortly after the episode first aired, when it was a hot topic of conversation on social media – thereby combining relatability and topicality which, as we

Ari Murray – Budgeting Gone Wild

Why we love it: Memes are still a relatively rare sight on LinkedIn – which is why, when they’re executed well, they have a strong chance of going viral. (In fact – we recently scored more than 1.5 million impressions with one, which you can check out in Issue 6.) This meme jumps off the feed – your average LikedIn user won’t expect to see stills from reality TV shows, so it’ll stop their scroll

The Marketing Millennials – 17 Views and a Sigh

Why we love it: Here we see perhaps the silliest form of graph gag in action – the ‘single answer’ pie chart. This one works not just because it subverts our expectation that a pie chart is usually composed of multiple segments, but also because it expresses a Relatable Pain that clearly resonates with the Marketing Millennials’ audience: “I spend hours on content, only for it to flop.” Ironically, we imagine this post took minutes

Adam Hunt – From Laughs to Leads

Why we love it: We wrote it! Look closer, see – that’s Adam Hunt from White Label Comedy. (No, not Buzz Lightyear. Above that.) This was our top LinkedIn post for the month, bringing in more than 1.5 million impressions, 13k likes, 400 comments, 1.2k new followers and – most importantly – 126 new leads. What you can learn from it: Aside from “hire White Label Comedy”? Oh, OK then… Firstly, don’t be afraid to

Dave Harland – Linkedin Whiners Unite

Why we love it: It’s another tight meta one-liner from The Word Man, Dave Harland. But importantly, it’s not just smart for smart’s sake – there’s a relatable truth at its core. What you can learn from it: Trim your jokes. Then trim them again. And again. Until there are almost no words left. (At which point, you may have removed too much – so check it still makes sense.)

SURREAL – Top Cereal Launch 2022

Why we love it: We’re sick of seeing bland, self-aggrandising ‘announcement posts’. Here, SURREAL found a way to show off the fact they’d won an industry award, while maintaining their trademark silliness – which ensures the achievement they want to boast about actually gets seen and engaged with, rather than totally ignored like 99% of the “I’m delighted to announce…” chaff we see on LinkedIn. What you can learn from it: When you need to

SURREAL – Don’t Change Your Life

Why we love it: Surreal posts a lot of delightfully silly Entertain content. But here’s a solid, seasonally topical Teach post designed to engage their LinkedIn audience AND shift a Limiting Belief that might be stopping them from considering Surreal’s products: “Making healthy lifestyle changes is incredibly hard work.” What you can learn from it: You’re already producing seasonally relevant content, thanks to BAM Monthly. But for every joke you write that references the January

Dave Harland – Social Media Trolls

Why we love it: Dave Harland, AKA The Word Man, is one of our favourite copywriters on LinkedIn. Here he’s using the ‘educational carousel post’ format that’s everywhere on the platform right now – but he’s subverting it by giving ridiculous (hilarious) advice inspired by his ideal clients’ pain points, to drive opt-ins for his email list. What you can learn from it: Make jokes about the problems you solve for your audience. For example,

Heroes, NHS – #StayHomeHeroes (2020)

Synopsis This digital ad campaign was created by advertising agency Iris, for Heroes — the charity founded by NHS workers for NHS workers. It encourages the public to be #StayHomeHeroes during the coronavirus lockdown. Review This campaign grabs the eye with bold colourful imagery and a strong, amusing core idea. The application of some light-touch humour helps it convey its vital message. In particular, note how the images with the strongest tag lines are those

Sainsburys – Sainsburys vs Beyonce (2020)

Read more: Synopsis The internet finds it hilarious that Beyonce’s new collection looks like the Sainsbury’s uniform. Sainsbury’s takes control of the conversation, in impeccable style. Review When fans started noticing the similarities between Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection, and the Sainbury’s uniform – the supermarket were the butt of the joke. And it could’ve ended there. But by having the balls to dive in, and with their own good humour call Beyonce out –

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