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REMA 1000 – Smartmill (2019)

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REMA 1000 is pushing hard with its no-frills message in this hilarious commercial.

The supermarket chain tries to show us that complicated and expensive isn’t always better than simple and inexpensive.

In this funny advert, we see a man ready to go for his morning run. But instead of venturing out into the great outdoors, he does it all from the comfort of his smart home.

All he has to do is say the word, and it will happen… whether it’s opening a door, turning on the radio, making a protein shake or setting the speed on his treadmill.

This is quite a sweet setup!

He sets his location (New York) and speed on the treadmill, puts on his VR goggles and begins running while sipping his protein shake. Meanwhile, ‘Only Sixteen’ is playing on the radio.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Now, one of the lyrics in the song playing on the radio is “only sixteen.” So when “sixteen” is heard, the treadmill’s speed is set to 16.

This is too much for him to handle, so he sets it back to four. But before he could relax again, the radio says “sixteen” again…

Soon enough, everything goes haywire, as the smart home misinterprets his every command.

All this would have been avoided with a good old fashioned run outside.

And before the commercial ends, we hear the radio presenter say the next song is ‘Summer of 69.’


A super simple gag – but sometimes, with some solid performances, that’s all you need.

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