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Scotch Video Tapes – Dirty Videos (1987)

Scotch Video Tapes Dirty Videos Funny 80s Advert
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The Scotch video tapes skeleton dressed in a ‘flasher’ mac, asks us if we have any ‘dirty videos’ The Ad is for VHS head cleaner, but the seediness of the beginning is great, and works as a good set up for the real reason for the ad.
The ad doesn’t have the ‘Re-record, not fade away. Re-record not fade away…’ catchphrase, but it is part of the series.


Great joke, and outs all those with a dirty mind! I liked these series of ads. The skeleton seemed to be very fitting for the time too. Maybe because of Jason and the Argonauts, Funny Bones and He-Man, but whatever the reason, a great series of ads.

This Ad was Number 8 in our Top 10 Funniest Adverts of the 80’s. See the full list here.