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Mint – The Unemployment Gameshow (2009)

Funny Finance Advert - Mint the Unemployment Game Show 2009
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Personal Finance Software company Mint have taken a very different approach here.

They’ve taken a controversial topic (the question over exactly who gets included in America’s “unemployment” stats) – and turned it into a funny skit that draws attention to the hypocrisy in that system.

You’ll notice, it’s two minutes long – but doesn’t pitch you Mint’s product once.You keep watching – because it’s interesting, and entertaining, but also crucially – because you don’t feel like you’re being sold to.

The jokes don’t even have anything to do with Mint, or with their brand message. Yet I defy anyone to watch it, and get to the end without thinking about their own financial security – and whether their plans are robust enough. And that’s when they drop their logo and tagline into the mix – positioning themselves as a solution for the problem you’ve only just started thinking about.

Stealth marketing at its best – and a brilliant example of humour being used to entertain us, engage us, and bring our guard down before finally they swoop in and attempt to make the sale.