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Awesome on Social Media: Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea Twitter Header
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Every now and again, we interrupt our usual programming of Funny Ads analysis to take a quick look at a brand we think is


Yorkshire Tea Twitter Header

First up, it’s Yorkshire Tea — who, in their own words, had a ‘rough weekend’ on Twitter. To find out how they not only weathered the storm, but came out the other side smiling, head over to our Case Study article.

But if you’re tight on time, stick with this bitesized article and enjoy our three favourite recent tweets from proper good folks at YT.

Comedy comrades on the Yorkshire Tea social media marketing team — we salute you!

1.So many brands posted half-arsed attempts at the #DollyPartonChallenge. While not one of their highest performing tweets, YT showed their comedy chops and went the extra mile.

2. Oh, the innocence. Just a few weeks prior to ‘Tory-gate’, this gentle little joke scored great engagement — which just goes to show how cultivating your brand’s playful tone of voice and tailoring content to the sensibilities of your specific audience can deliver results.

3. We loved this animated video and accompanying hashtag campaign that YT put out for ‘National Tea Day’ last year. Apparently, a teapot emoji will be launched in March 2020, so we can only assume that YT will be producing a celebratory follow-up video (if you’re reading this, YT, we’d love to help you script it).


For more proper brews/comedy marketing content, give @YorkshireTea a follow. They’ve earned their reputation as one of the funniest brands on social media.

Didn’t hear about their run-in with a Tory MP and a load of angry social media users? Oh boy. Where have you been? Read all about it, here.