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Volkswagen – Buying a Volkswagen From an Old Lady (2010)

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Volkswagen want to make sure you know that they manufacture some of the sturdiest cars known to man. Lots of their advertising over the years has focused on emphasising this fact – it’s one of their biggest USPs.

When buying a used car, many people are under the illusion that the car is in good condition because the owner was taking care of it.

In this funny commercial, we see a man buying a used Volkswagen. He goes with the salesman to inspect the car, and it is clearly visible that it is in good shape. Upon seeing that the owner of the car is an old lady, he is further convinced that there’s nothing wrong with it.

We find out through flashbacks in this hilarious advert that the old lady was putting the car through its paces. It’s as if she went to the ‘Fast and Furious’ school of driving – speeding, peeling out and skidding to parallel park.

And the driver doesn’t suspect a thing because the car can handle it!

So we learn two things in this funny advert: firstly – that old ladies can drive like Vin Diesel, and secondly: Volkswagens are strong and stable, so they can take it.

This funny advert is one of the best in history – at least, according to us.

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