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Awesome on Social Media: Innocent Drinks’ Funny Tweets

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Look, we know you come here for our Funny Ads analysis — but once in a while, we like to take a quick look at a brand we think is


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Innocent Drinks. Makers of juices, smoothies, dairy free alternative milks, coconut water, drinks with bubbles in and something called a ‘refresher’. These are all tasty, good for you and never made from concentrate etcetera etcetera. In fact, I probably could’ve bought a Tesla with the amount of money I’ve spent on Innocent’s myriad variations on mushed up banana and strawberries over the years. But that’s not why we love ’em.

No, we’re massive fans because Innocent has mastered the use of comedy in their social media marketing. They’re funny IRL too — never shying away from a splash of silliness in the copy on their bottles — but that’s a story for another day.

Right now, it’s time to look at our favourite funny social media content from the Innocent Drinks Social Media team – loved by us, and Twitter users across the globe.

The Best Innocent Drinks Funny Tweets and Adverts

1. The Grey List

We’re big fans of the ‘funny list’ genre of joke (and not just because our comedy hive mind can write them so well). It’s beloved by late night TV comedy writers and some of the funniest brands on social media.

Note how this particular joke has nothing at all to do with Innocent’s products — but it’s written in their brand tone of voice. Comedy content keeps Innocent’s brand name and logo on users’ feeds, day in, day out, without boring them — this means that when they do post product-related content, it reaches a large audience that’s willing to engage.

2. Pancake Day Product Placement

While the above tweet above was almost ‘topical’ in that it referred to the weather, this one was crafted to go out on a specific day. It’s a good idea to jump on trending hashtags, but what if none of your products are particularly relevant? Make that the joke!

The balance between entertainment and sales would make the perfect subject for a venn diagram (if we could be bothered to draw one), with posts like this sitting right in that central sweet spot. Much like pancakes go down better smothered in lemon and sugar, product placement disguised as funny content slips past our defences that much easier.

3. The ‘Perfect’ Advert

When you make a mistake, own it. Even better, own it by posting self-deprecating jokes referring back to it for years to come. In October 2019, Innocent posted about a joke product — a dairy-free drink, made from conker milk.

The thing is, conkers are NOT SAFE TO EAT (and also really difficult to milk), and there was something of an outcry. They apologised (in a light-hearted way that got massive engagement, naturally) and they’ve occasionally referred back to their faux-pas with genius gags like this…

4. The Blue Drink Advert with Duncan from Blue

Much of this article is about social posts, but Innocent make great video content too. Yes, their Bolt from the Blue fruit juice is boosted with vitamins and is one of the tastiest things humans have made from apple, lime, guava and coconut water. But the main selling point is that it’s a BLUE DRINK.

This gag-packed advert featuring Duncan from the boy band Blue took that premise and ran with it, combining a semi-topical top line (gently mocking the band’s bankruptcy) with a strong script and heaps of visual gags. We loved it so much that we dedicated a whole entry to it in the Funny Ads Archive.

5. Innocent Actually

This spoof of the Christmas classic romcom ‘Love Actually’ is the spiritual sequel to the original Duncan from Blue advert. It’s a strong parody that boasts visual comedy, a funny branded Christmas carol and yet more light-hearted jabs at Duncan’s financial status.
Note how this post received more engagement than many of Innocent’s other tweets. When it comes to social media marketing, video content is king.

6. The John Lewis Jab

Sticking with the Christmas theme, Innocent showed they’re not afraid to take on the big brands with this light jab at the John Lewis Christmas advert. Sassing other brands is a great way to capitalise on trending hashtags while showing off your comedy chops. Of course, you don’t want to risk starting a war (or a lawsuit) so it’s best to keep it playful and inoffensive. By putting their own spin on a joke that many other social media users were already making, Innocent got the tone just right.

7. A Pancake Day Prank

Not content with posting one funny tweet to mark Pancake Day 2020, Innocent came up with this ridiculous video stunt at the start of February. The ‘Pancake Advent Calendar’ is a strong idea that would’ve been relatively funny as the punchline to a text-only joke, but hats off to them for going the extra mile. We hope whoever made the calendar was rewarded with a pancake (not that one though – it looks like it’s been through the wringer).

8. Veganuary Inspo

As one of social media’s most prominent food and drink brands, it would be weird if Innocent didn’t have anything to say about #Veganuary. This list-based joke tasted great to us and two thousand others. It’s also an example of how text formatting can help you make the most of Twitter’s 280 character limit — both in terms of exploring comic ideas, and tactically taking up a large chunk of real estate on users’ screens.
If we were going to get nerdy about the construction of this joke (oh, don’t you worry — we ARE going to), we would draw your attention to the contrast between longer, detailed list items in the first list and shorter items in the second. Contrast is a key component of comedy — if you can heighten the contrast between your setup and punchline, you’ll often end up with a much more satisfying joke. We’d also point out that listing ‘chips’ five times would’ve been a fairly funny punchline, but throwing in another variation on potatoes takes the joke to the next level. Overall, we’re giving this one five stars.

9. How to Slay a Dragon

While we’re on the topic of list jokes, here’s a fine example to mark St George’s Day. This one takes a slightly different approach, using the list format to tell a funny story. We’re not 100% convinced this one sticks the landing — we’d have liked a more satisfying punchline for item 10 — but we certainly enjoyed the journey.

10. Lockdown Screen Report

Innocent posted funny, topical observations throughout the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown. Frankly, it’s unfair of our phones to keep calling us out on our increased screen time in this unprecedented time and this screen report gag from Innocent hits far, far too close to home.
In fact, we reckon this tweet would’ve been funny even without the punchline of ’26 hours a day’ — but that’s just the icing on the cake, and yet another reason we’re huge fans of the comedy content powerhouse that is the Innocent Drinks social media marketing team.

So that’s it! The top ten, for now at least… With Innocent pumping out quality comedy marketing content on a daily basis, this list of our favourite nuggets of comedy gold is sure to expand. In the meantime, keep up to date with one of the funniest brands on social media by heading over to Twitter to follow @innocent — trust us, it’s a masterclass you don’t want to miss!

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