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Innocent Smoothies – Duncan From Blue (2019)

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“Innocent have humorous marketing down to a tee; from the copy on their bottles, to ads like this” Alex MJ Smith tells us.

“I love the layers of comedy baked into this one. The script is fantastic, with lines like: “I’m in this because I really believe in this product or service”, and the running joke of Duncan’s desperation to be paid, which references a semi-topical news article from recent years (i.e. members of Blue went bankrupt). There’s physical comedy, which Duncan sells really well, and tonnes of visual and text gags going on in the background – something that my current favourite sitcom, The Good Place, also does excellently. They’ve packed so many jokes into this, it feels longer than a minute and a half. It just goes to show how the application of comedy craft can turn a very basic idea (our drink is blue; there was a band called Blue) into something properly funny and memorable!”

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