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crocs – the types of dad’s who wear crocs

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Why we love it:

Posted on Father’s Day, this has clear topical appeal. And while it’s not really a joke – thanks to the lo-fi meme aesthetic and the list of relatable references (i.e. Dad archetypes that the audience either are, or will recognise from their own father / fathers they know / pop culture), it feels like one.

What it is, in fact, is a smart way to shift the Limiting Belief, “Crocs are only worn by a certain type of person – and that’s not me”, instead demonstrating to their audience that “Crocs are for all kinds of people – including you”.

What you can learn from it:

Memes and other entertaining posts have huge potential to begin shifting the Limiting Beliefs that may be preventing your audience from buying from you. There are limitless ways to do this – but why not start by shameless stealing this one? ANY brand can pull off a “Types of X who Y” post – where X is a subset of your audience and Y is a behaviour you’d like to encourage. Plus, having honed your comedy chops with BAM Monthly, yours will be much funnier than the Crocs example.


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