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crocs – the types of dad’s who wear crocs

Why we love it: Posted on Father’s Day, this has clear topical appeal. And while it’s not really a joke – thanks to the lo-fi meme aesthetic and the list of relatable references (i.e. Dad archetypes that the audience either are, or will recognise from their own father / fathers they know / pop culture), it feels like one. What it is, in fact, is a smart way to shift the Limiting Belief, “Crocs are

icelandfoods – Keeping It Real with Iceland

Why we love it: The execution here isn’t 100% (our joke writers would have a thing or three to say about the flagrant disregard for comedic rhythm). However, in this comparison gag, Iceland manages to poke fun at rival supermarkets and those who shop at them in a brand-safe way. In doing so, they not only position themselves as the go – to supermarket for shoppers who want to “keep it real” (not to mention

Ryanair – From Ariel to Air Travel

Why we love it: In contrast to the other meme from RyanAir we’ve looked at in this issue, this one capitalises on a trending topic (the Little Mermaid remake, and the negative audience response to CGI Flounder). What you can learn from it: The “before X / after X” meme format is an easy and versatile one that any brand can use – either to entertain your audience by highlighting a Relatable Truth (as in

mountaindew – When Stock Photos Steal the Show

Why we love it: Stock photos, paired with a brand-safe Relatable Truth, combined with a dash of topicality? That’s kinda our whole thing here at White Label Comedy (at least, it’s one of our whole things). This carousel from Mountain Dew is more meta than most brand’s memes – demonstrating that they’ve identified their audience’s preferred style of comedy and are happy to lean into it, hard. What you can learn from it: Adobe Stock

Doritos – The Sizzle of Summer

Why we love it: Posted on the official first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere – and during a heatwave in the UK – this couldn’t have been better timed. Combine that topicality with a highly audience specific Relatable Truth, and Doritos have a scorcher of a post. What you can learn from it: As you can see from the comments, this isn’t just wishful thinking from the Doritos team – enjoying a Doritos

Ryanair – Embracing the Solo Throne

Why we love it: The RyanAir team know that memes highlighting their audience’s Relatable Truths around holidays and flying (in this case an unexpected Small Joy) will always resonate with their audience more strongly than attempts to directly showcase the specific benefits of their offering in meme form (e.g. “When you realise you can fly to Majorca for less than £20”). And of course, by reminding the audience of the Small Joys they may have

innocent – Productivity Graph

Why we love it: Innocent Smoothies takes a set of relatable truths based around the realities of work right before a bank holiday – and turns them into a gag-packed timeline that stretches across a carousel. What you can learn from it: Relatable truths don’t always exist in isolation – often, they come in “sets” organised around specific moments, tasks or topics. Playing around with posts that cover an entire set gives you more opportunities

femalequotient – words keep me awake

Why we love it: Not every joke you make needs to be about a topic that’s only relatable to your specific audience. This particular observation is so on the money, that it resonates with pretty much everyone (I haven’t used Microsoft Word for over a decade – and it still sent a shiver down my spine). What you can learn from it: Jokes that anyone would find funny should be used sparingly – after all,

jacksflightclub – The Seat Lottery

Why we love it: Jacks Flight Club have paired one of their audience’s Relatable Truths (we’d call it a Small Joy, if you want to get specific) with the oft-used image of Robert Downey Jr looking relieved. It’s not complicated. At all. And yet it’s highly effective. What you can learn from it: The reason this one flew *ahem* is that 12,000 people strongly related to having had (or wishing they could have) the feeling

transempowermentproject – Things trans people say

Why we love it: We love to see our clients getting results! (Especially with the content we’ve created for them.) But even putting our heavy bias aside, at first glance this looks like a gag that only an A-List comedy writer could come up with. And yet… What you can learn from it: Firstly, you’ll often get templates for “quote”-type jokes in brands Against Mundanity. But we’ll let you into the secret of creating one

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