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Compare The Market – Compare The Meerkat (2009)

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Compare The Meerkat 2009 – The very first Ad in what became a series that’s still running over a decade later. It launched the career of Aleksandr Orlov – and has made sure we all know where we need to go if we want to compare prices on car insurance. The ONLY price comparison website in town.


A great way to play with words is to START with your brand name / slogan – and then swap words in or out to see if you can come up with a phrase that’s similar enough to sound “almost right”, but different enough that you’ve got additional levers to have fun with.

I can almost guarantee that the creatives behind the very first Compare The Market (/ Compare The Meerkat) advert started out with the wordplay, and then reverse-engineered a concept that justified how much they loved their bastardized slogan.

Meerkat Market Meerkat Market. Boom. Sold.

And good on them. It’s made them, and the company, very rich indeed.