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Corporate Rebels – The Ageless Career Revolution

Why we love it: Brands Against Mundanity Monthly subscribers will know – we love a bar chart gag. And this is a fine example from Corporate Rebels on LinkedIn, which uses a simple punchline to make a clear point that, of course, supports the brand’s marketing objectives (to encourage lifelong careerfocused learning via their books and courses). It’s Belief Shifting content at its finest. What you can learn from it: The bar chart templates in

Aldi Stores UK – The Art of Brand Beef

Why we love it: Aldi has perfected the art of brand beef on Twitter. The supermarket has previously been on the receiving end of legal action from rival M&S due to… erm… ‘similarities’ between some of their products – but rather than hide this skeleton in their closet, Aldi mines it for comedy content on social. (A strategy that we fully condone here at White Label Comedy, and recently embraced on behalf of our client,

Nicole Alexandra Michaelis – Copy Meets Design

Why we love it: Here we’ve got another LinkedIn marketer taking advantage of the relative rarity of memes on the platform – once again using the format to present one of her audience’s relatable pains. But what we love most here is that Nicole posted this still from Succession shortly after the episode first aired, when it was a hot topic of conversation on social media – thereby combining relatability and topicality which, as we

Ari Murray – Budgeting Gone Wild

Why we love it: Memes are still a relatively rare sight on LinkedIn – which is why, when they’re executed well, they have a strong chance of going viral. (In fact – we recently scored more than 1.5 million impressions with one, which you can check out in Issue 6.) This meme jumps off the feed – your average LikedIn user won’t expect to see stills from reality TV shows, so it’ll stop their scroll

alexa99uk – Alexa’s Hidden Talent

Why we love it: This is comedy content creation at its laziest – letting your audience write the jokes for you. Here, Alexa UK have found funny UGC (User Generated Content) out in the wild, that speaks to one of their audience’s Relatable Truths (“My kids interact with Alexa in unexpected ways”). All that remained was to give it the minimumeffort ‘screenshot on a branded background’ treatment, and they had a solid post that ended

Aldi Stores UK – Emergency Alert Hacked

Why we love it: Think about the ‘myths’ your audience might currently believe – the Objections and Limiting Beliefs that could be making them hesitant to buy your products – and consider how you can dispel those with succinct, single slide ‘lessons’. In other words, present the facts that combat your audience’s potential misconceptions. Combine a couple of these with relevant jokes from BAMM (e.g. a meme after every myth), and all of a sudden

washingtonpost – 7 Myths About Cooking with Salt

Why we love it: It’s not funny, but it is a beautifully executed and informative Instagram carousel, which takes advantage of the fact that the algorithm currently prioritises carousels that use most or all of the available slides (to a maximum of ten). For this reason, it’s a format we’d like to see more brands experimenting with – especially if they can combine information with entertainment. What you can learn from it: Think about the

LEGO – The Legend of the WFH Friend at 2 PM

Why we love it: In this recurring meme series, LEGO have found a way to showcase their products in the context of genuinely funny content – which has far more chance of going viral than straight-up product photos ever would. What you can learn from it: The reason this meme works isn’t because “everyone likes LEGO”. It’s because it’s expressing a Relatable Truth. As long as you prioritise relatability, you too can create memes that

Ryanair – Gary is a liar

Why we love it: When we write and edit jokes, we obsess over the ‘leap’ we’re asking an audience to make. If the link between setup and punchline is too straightforward, i.e. only a small leap, there’s no surprise and the joke won’t be funny. But if the leap is too big, most of your audience won’t get the joke. Here, RyanAir created just enough distance for the audience to leap from the setup (an

The Marketing Millennials – 17 Views and a Sigh

Why we love it: Here we see perhaps the silliest form of graph gag in action – the ‘single answer’ pie chart. This one works not just because it subverts our expectation that a pie chart is usually composed of multiple segments, but also because it expresses a Relatable Pain that clearly resonates with the Marketing Millennials’ audience: “I spend hours on content, only for it to flop.” Ironically, we imagine this post took minutes

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