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Fray Bentos Official – Nostalgic Nonsense

Why we love it: Fray Bentos use a topical news story (classic sitcom Fawlty Towers is coming back to our screens) as a jumping off point for a nostalgia-fest that got their audience engaging en-masse. What you can learn from it: You don’t need to emulate the biting satire of a panel show, or the aggressive “jokes” of RyanAir, to add topicality to your content. There are loads of light-touch ways to turn those watercooler

Fray Bentos Official – don’t feed the trolls

Why we love it: Fray Bentos have taken something they’re normally criticised for – having tins that some people struggle to get into – and had fun with it. This parody of an airline safety information card teaching us how not to open our tins landed safely at its destination. What you can learn from it: They say “don’t feed the trolls” – but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. If there’s one thing

Fray Bentos Official – COMPETITION TIME

Why we love it: Giveaways can be a great way to grow your audience on social – but they’re often awkward, eggy and bland. These two from pie brand Fray Bentos completely buck that trend – yes, we’re trying to grow an audience, but we’re going to make sure we’re entertaining and engaging while we do it. What you can learn from it: If you want people to follow you, it helps to incentivise them

Paddy Power – Woke up like this

Why we love it: Paddy Power are total pros when it comes to clashing multiple topical ingredients into a single piece of comedy content. This came the morning after an Arsenal defeat AND at a time when the world was talking about Oscar winner Banshees of Inisherin (which this image is from). What you can learn from it: In Brands Against Mundanity Monthly, we give you meme formats that work perfectly well with royalty free

Aldi Stores UK – Battle of the Brands

Why we love it: There’s a longstanding feud between Aldi and M&S – largely due to Aldi’s habit of ‘borrowing’ other brands’ trademarked product ideas. But here, the tables have turned and Aldi is pulling no punches with a comedy roast-type response. (They probably won’t actually sue, but that engagement is worth its weight in gold.) What you can learn from it: Notice how Aldi’s joke is succinct – yet includes just enough contextual information

SURREAL – Top Cereal Launch 2022

Why we love it: We’re sick of seeing bland, self-aggrandising ‘announcement posts’. Here, SURREAL found a way to show off the fact they’d won an industry award, while maintaining their trademark silliness – which ensures the achievement they want to boast about actually gets seen and engaged with, rather than totally ignored like 99% of the “I’m delighted to announce…” chaff we see on LinkedIn. What you can learn from it: When you need to

Domino’s Pizza UK – Food Wars

Why we love it: Domino’s don’t currently get masses of engagement on Twitter, so this is great going by their standards. A rival brand gave them an open goal, they plucked out the perfect five word retort, and they scored. What you can learn from it: You may not have ‘rivals’ as such, and even if you do, it may not be appropriate for you to publicly roast them. But big household name brands post – The Case of the Artificial Attorney

Why we love it: At first glance, this doesn’t look like comedy content – especially to an audience who, at this point, are very used to seeing dull AF ‘thought leadership’ posts about AI on LinkedIn. This only adds to the surprise and delight of realising this is actually a tight one-liner gag, about a pain that the audience will strongly relate to. What you can learn from it: AI is a hot topic right

2000 AD Comics – Judge Death

Why we love it: Those unfamiliar with 2000 AD Comics won’t fully ‘get’ this one. But their audience absolutely did, and that’s what matters. In just one word and one image of their character ‘Judge Death’, they managed to jump on a trending political conversation in a way that felt brand-safe… even though it was about the death penalty. What you can learn from it: Two things. Firstly, if you’re not actively spending time on

Natasha Rose Griggs – Work for Free

Why we love it: It’s sassy, sarcastic and above all, it’s relatable. And on LinkedIn – the very platform where Natasha and her audience are likely receiving frequent requests to work for free, from people who will also see this post – it’s a bold attempt to re educate a misbehaving out-group. What you can learn from it: You don’t always have to write a ‘proper joke’ to convey a relatable truth. If it’s something

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