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Adam Hunt – From Laughs to Leads

Why we love it: We wrote it! Look closer, see – that’s Adam Hunt from White Label Comedy. (No, not Buzz Lightyear. Above that.) This was our top LinkedIn post for the month, bringing in more than 1.5 million impressions, 13k likes, 400 comments, 1.2k new followers and – most importantly – 126 new leads. What you can learn from it: Aside from “hire White Label Comedy”? Oh, OK then… Firstly, don’t be afraid to

jacksflightclub – The Epic Battle of Priorities!

Why we love it: The air travel industry has a strong track record when it comes to comedy on social media, spearheaded by RyanAir – so it’s great to see Jacks Flight Club getting in on the action. This one’s not so much a joke as a pithily expressed relatable truth – but you can expect to see their memes in a future Swipe File! What you can learn from it: Sometimes all it takes

Dave Harland – COPYFEST

Why we love it: Dave’s done it again – dropping this spoof Glastonbury festival poster packed with copywriters’ relatable truths, on the same day the real Glasto lineup was trending. Oh, and bonus points for the meta joke in “irretreivable typo”. *chef’s kiss* What you can learn from it: Keep a living document full of your audience’s relatable truths, adding to it as and when you discover new ones. Here at White Label Comedy, we

alexa99uk – The Welsh Way of Saying it All

Why we love it: Weird design choice where they’ve tried to make a pie chart look like an Echo speaker aside… this is a solid, scroll-stopping graph gag that uses the audience’s nationality as the starting point for broadappeal relatability. Those who are Welsh will relate to having heard these phrases, while people of other nationalities in the UK will happily admit to having said them. What you can learn from it: Why not steal

Razer – I have no money because I spend it all on games

Why we love it: It’s a twist on a popular meme that Razer knows their (extremely online) audience will be familiar with. Usually, both ‘pills’ offered in this meme are labelled with equally attractive options – but here, one of them is a relatable pain that this audience are happy to acknowledge (“I have no money because I spend it all on games”). What you can learn from it: Subverting an established meme is a

Dave Harland – Linkedin Whiners Unite

Why we love it: It’s another tight meta one-liner from The Word Man, Dave Harland. But importantly, it’s not just smart for smart’s sake – there’s a relatable truth at its core. What you can learn from it: Trim your jokes. Then trim them again. And again. Until there are almost no words left. (At which point, you may have removed too much – so check it still makes sense.)

Lucozade Energy – Cheaper than a flight to Barbados

Why we love it: Alright, so technically it’s an ad – and it’s more of a witty strapline than a joke – but this one successfully stopped our scroll. Why? Because we needed a beat to mentally unpack that strapline: “Cheaper than a flight to Barbados”. It’s undeniably true, it tapped into a pain we felt in the moment (“I’m in cold, wet England and I wish I was on holiday”) and the connotation is

Napolina – Overheard in Naples

Why we love it: Napolina haven’t crossed our radar before, but we’re impressed by their recent experiments on social – especially this ‘Overheard in Naples’ series, clearly inspired by the longstanding Instagram accounts @OverheardLa, @OverheardNewYork and their many spin-offs. What you can learn from it: For every style of joke you enjoy, there’s nearly ALWAYS a way to craft a brand-safe version that’s relatable for your audience. Of course, your BAMM templates and this Swipe

lego – Marching into Fun

Why we love it: By using a fact about March as a jumping off point, Lego were able to make a joke about their products (and the way their audience enjoys them) that feels timely and justified. What you can learn from it: Brands Against Mundanity Monthly is full of joke formats like this – so keep using them! Once you’ve got the hang of each template, try putting your own spin on it (perhaps

Flexa Careers – RIP 5-day week

Why we love it: It’s not quite a joke – but it is a creative, scrollstopping way of presenting a bold and potentially provocative statement, captioned with an engagement-driving question. Plus – the potential looming demise of the 5-day work week is something that everyone in Flexa Careers’ audience is talking about right now. What you can learn from it: What’s ‘dead’ (outdated, or soon-to-be replaced) in your niche? Consider sticking it on a gravestone

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