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innocent – Productivity Graph

Why we love it: Innocent Smoothies takes a set of relatable truths based around the realities of work right before a bank holiday – and turns them into a gag-packed timeline that stretches across a carousel. What you can learn from it: Relatable truths don’t always exist in isolation – often, they come in “sets” organised around specific moments, tasks or topics. Playing around with posts that cover an entire set gives you more opportunities

PC Game Pass – Extra mouse buttons

Why we love it: Xbox Game Pass pretends to have added relatable desires as additional functions that can be triggered by this mouse. Three of the desires are genuinely relatable, while the fourth isn’t relatable, but is deliciously surreal (which makes it the perfect ending to the list). What you can learn from it: The positive relatable truths (desires, small joys, daily delights) can often be harder to make jokes about – because those jokes

femalequotient – words keep me awake

Why we love it: Not every joke you make needs to be about a topic that’s only relatable to your specific audience. This particular observation is so on the money, that it resonates with pretty much everyone (I haven’t used Microsoft Word for over a decade – and it still sent a shiver down my spine). What you can learn from it: Jokes that anyone would find funny should be used sparingly – after all,

National Trust – Rare and Fragile

Why we love it: Most brands focus all their energy into their original content – leaving audience interaction to a separate Community Management team who are mostly there to deliver copy-and-paste responses to questions and complaints. The National Trust, though, have given their team much more freedom: allowing them to go all out when engaging with their audience. By applying the “Yes And” improv principle they’ve taken a funny post from a fan (pretending the

Ryanair – “cha cha cha”

Why we love it: Ryanair are great at jumping on board a trending topic – and spinning it around so that their take on it fits perfectly into the Ryanair world. Here, they’ve taken the meme that arose from Finland’s Eurovision entry (“cha cha cha”) and connected the dots between the lyrics, and a relatable pain (something Ryanair’s audience love to hate). What you can learn from it: With the right treatment, you can make

Specsavers – Click Here

Why we love it: It’s not often we’ll praise a brand for not telling a joke, let alone policing jokes told by others. But we thoroughly agree with Specsavers on this one. And by delivering this important message in a fun, meta way, they got a spike in engagement that meant it reached more people. What you can learn from it: Whenever you write a joke, take a beat to interrogate and safety check it.

jacksflightclub – The Seat Lottery

Why we love it: Jacks Flight Club have paired one of their audience’s Relatable Truths (we’d call it a Small Joy, if you want to get specific) with the oft-used image of Robert Downey Jr looking relieved. It’s not complicated. At all. And yet it’s highly effective. What you can learn from it: The reason this one flew *ahem* is that 12,000 people strongly related to having had (or wishing they could have) the feeling

transempowermentproject – Things trans people say

Why we love it: We love to see our clients getting results! (Especially with the content we’ve created for them.) But even putting our heavy bias aside, at first glance this looks like a gag that only an A-List comedy writer could come up with. And yet… What you can learn from it: Firstly, you’ll often get templates for “quote”-type jokes in brands Against Mundanity. But we’ll let you into the secret of creating one

runna_coach – Expectations vs. Reality

Why we love it: Runna is a new brand on our radar, thanks to this ‘meme dump’ Instagram carousel timed to coincide with the London marathon. After all, why tell one topical brand-safe joke when you can tell five? What you can learn from it: The algorithm favours carousel posts at the moment – so you’ll likely get more engagement on posts in this format than videos or single images. But it can be hard

Corporate Rebels – Celebrating an accomplishment

Why we love it: Corporate Rebels consistently drive engagement on LinkedIn with graph gags that speak to their audience’s relatable truths, and here’s another strikingly simple-but-effective example. What you can learn from it: Aside from “graph gags are awesome and you should be posting them on EVERY platform – but especially LinkedIn”… You can swipe this joke format directly. Simply swap out the title for a situation your audience can relate to (e.g. creating content).

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