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SparkNotes – The Simpsons Meme (2020)

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SparkNotes Twitter Highlights

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from SparkNotes — the study guide brand that’s massive in America and absolutely killing it on social media.

Attention-grabbing visual content is the name of the game on social media. This is even true of Twitter — foolishly disregarded by some as the sole domain of the text-based joke. Luckily, SparkNotes does both visual and text-based branded comedy well. Very well indeed.

As per usual, they’ve combined a contemporary pop culture reference (who doesn’t love The Simpsons?) with a reference to one of their specialist subjects — Victorian literature. Much of the brand’s comedy content is extremely niche. Being ‘clever enough’ to get the joke is part of the appeal. We love this example, however, because it’s slightly more broad — you don’t have to have a detailed knowledge of one specific book to find the joke amusing, as it’s taking a swipe at a whole genre.

Want to see more fine examples of comedy in social media marketing from the SparkNotes Twitter account? We’ve compiled our favourites here.

It’s funny tweets like this that make SparkNotes one of the funniest brands on social media!