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Pure Leaf – Once Upon a No (2020)

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Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation presents classic fairy tales with a difference — what if Rapunzel, Gretel and the princess from The Princess and the Pea had just said “no”, and then requested some refreshing iced tea?


It’s a fun idea, the set and props are beautiful, and we’re biased because we’re big fans of Amy Poehler. We found all three ads in the campaign fairly funny — in fact, the line, “I’m just gonna get a pixie haircut, because it’s easier to do” cracked us up, as did Poehler knocking over one of the dolls in the Princess and the Pea version.

So why don’t we love it?

Maybe we just don’t know enough about Pure Leaf iced tea (although, whose fault is that?), but the message of empowering people to say “no” doesn’t quite tie together with the brand as much as we’d like it to.

What are we saying “no” to when you say “yes” to Pure Leaf iced tea? Artificial flavours? Alcohol? Stress? We’re not sure.

It so nearly works, and it certainly entertains, but doesn’t quite clinch the happily ever after when it comes to cohesive brand messaging.

The Rapunzel ad is just one of three! You can check out the rest over at Ads of the World.

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