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Band Aid – Feel Better (2020)

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This range of print ads features greetings cards with common sayings on the front, and injury-inspired punchlines on the inside (along with the appropriate Band Aid plaster for dealing with the mishap).


Hmm. It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? The top line idea is decent, and you’ll know from our analysis of the recent Dark Gummies ad that we enjoy our jokes on the darker side — but we’re not convinced that all the gags quite work. It’s a matter of individual taste, of course, but the only one we found sufficiently amusing was, “When life gives you lemons…slice your finger trying to garnish a vodka soda.”

Part of the issue is that the outside and inside of each card are presented side-by-side. We can imagine this working better if we had to physically open the card (or swipe our device, whatever) to reveal the punchline. Comedy is all about surprise, after all. Even so, we’re sure there were many, many stronger options available when it came to wording the gags…and we’re not convinced that encouraging people to lop off their own moles is a great idea, even if it would help you sell more plasters.

Are we wrong? Let us know!