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Awesome on Social Media: SparkNotes

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Looking for a review of a brand new Funny Ad? Click there. No, not here. There. Where we’ve underlined ‘Funny Ads’ for you. Got it? Cool. Because right now, we’re taking a quick detour to highlight a brand we think is


sparknotes twitter header

SparkNotes produces study guides for Shakespeare texts and other classic works of literature. Sounds interesting, but hardly hilarious, right? Their Twitter header looks exactly how you’d expect it to — i.e. even looking at it feels like homework— except they have 260.9k followers. How in Hades did that happen? Well, pretty much every tweet they put out goes viral.

The SparkNotes social media team has cultivated a distinctive comedy style on Twitter — clashing contemporary language and popular Twitter joke formats with knowing references to classic literature. Their posts are highly shareable because they’re funny, but also because there’s a degree of intellectual pride around being ‘in on it’.

Here are three of our recent favourites:

1.This, on Valentine’s Day. Get the reference, old sport? If not, just know that 36.8K people did. *Cue predictable and over-used GIF of DiCaprio raising glass…*

2. More of a general reference here — going the extra mile to combine the brand’s area of expertise with pop culture in a funny way. And, as we know, visual content is king on all social media platforms, even Twitter.

3. This one betrays just how much time the SparkNotes social media team spends on Twitter. They’ve perfectly hijacked the ‘folder/sub-folder’ text and emoji based joke format that was doing the rounds, and brought it back to their specialist subject. Think it’s weird and niche? 41.3k people disagree. Maybe they should produce a study guide for social media managers to swot up on Twitter memes…

Follow @SparkNotes to continue this masterclass in funny social media marketing.

Comedy comrades at SparkNotes — we salute you! You really are one of the funniest brands on social media

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