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SparkNotes – Hamlet Spoilers (2020)

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SparkNotes Twitter Highlights

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from SparkNotes — the study guide brand that’s massive in America and absolutely killing it on social media.

In classic fashion, the SparkNotes social media team are across the joke formats trending on Twitter and have offered their own twist on the ‘spoilers without context’ genre.

This one is unlikely to cue out-and-out laughter in most Twitter users, but it’s deeply satisfying if you ‘get it’. Over 46 thousand do.

SparkNotes knows that compelling visual content grabs social media users’ attention. This is particularly true if it relates to pop culture that the user is already a fan of. It’s another smart move from SparkNotes to use images from TV shows, films and games in their comedy content.

Want to see more fine examples of comedy in social media marketing from the SparkNotes Twitter account? We’ve compiled our favourites here.

It’s funny tweets like this that make SparkNotes one of the funniest brands on social media!