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Gymshark funny tweets twitter banner

Social Media Spotlight: Funny Gymshark Tweets

  Every now and then we like to shine the spotlight on a brand that we think is killing it with comedy on social media. This time around, we’re looking at fitness clothing brand Gymshark. It turns out you don’t have to be fit OR funny — you can be both!? Guess I need a new excuse to skip leg day. The Gymshark social media team have recently hit their stride when it comes to

Tyrrells twitter funny

Social Media Success: Tyrrells

Have you met Tyrrells? They make crisps, and they occasionally make jokes on Twitter. We take a look at their recent viral comedy success, involving Jacob Rees-Mogg and a bag of Walkers crisps… Tyrrells’ comedy social media marketing isn’t quite consistent enough for us to declare them officially ‘AWESOME ON SOCIAL MEDIA’ and join the likes of Innocent in our hall of fame. But they’re certainly showing promise. Even before their recent big success, we

MoonPie Twitter Banner

Awesome on Social Media: MoonPie

You know the drill by now, don’t you? Every now and then, we take a break from reviewing the latest Funny Ads to introduce you to a brand we think is AWESOME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Today, it’s the turn of MoonPie. Their Twitter feed reads like it’s written by a thirteen year-old who’s simultaneously bored and blessed with an overactive imagination. Weirdness and self-deprecating humour abound — punctuation, not so much. Maybe they pay them

sparknotes twitter header

Awesome on Social Media: SparkNotes

Top up your coffee and take a pew. It’s time to take a look at a brand that’s indisputably… AWESOME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! UK readers may not be familiar, but SparkNotes is a big deal in the United States of Academia. They produce award winning study guides for Shakespeare texts and other classic works of literature — if you were the kind of high school student who thought ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was a ‘How

Awesome on Social Media: Innocent Drinks’ Funny Tweets

Look, we know you come here for our Funny Ads analysis — but once in a while, we like to take a quick look at a brand we think is AWESOME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Innocent Drinks. Makers of juices, smoothies, dairy free alternative milks, coconut water, drinks with bubbles in and something called a ‘refresher’. These are all tasty, good for you and never made from concentrate etcetera etcetera. In fact, I probably could’ve bought

Yorkshire Tea Twitter Header

Awesome on Social Media: Yorkshire Tea

Every now and again, we interrupt our usual programming of Funny Ads analysis to take a quick look at a brand we think is AWESOME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! First up, it’s Yorkshire Tea — who, in their own words, had a ‘rough weekend’ on Twitter. To find out how they not only weathered the storm, but came out the other side smiling, head over to our Case Study article. But if you’re tight on time,

Yorkshire Tea: A Masterclass in Social Media Marketing Damage Control

As comedy writers, we value laughter above nearly everything else. So yeah, we’ll admit it. Every now and again, we make a joke that takes aim at somebody specific — but we always think carefully about how it might make them feel and, fundamentally, we try to be kind. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this ideal, and this is abundantly clear when it comes to social media. We interrupt our usual programming of Funny Ads analysis

Innocent Drinks Twitter Header Image

Innocent Drinks Funny Tweet – ‘John Lewis Christmas Advert’

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from the Innocent Drinks Twitter account. JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS ADVERT BRAINSTORM "How about Jolly Jaws? A lovable man eating shark who just can't help eating people?" "Or Ditsy Dracula? The cute servant of darkness with a taste for blood?" "Hmm let's just go with the dragon who loves arson." #ExciteableEdgar — innocent drinks (@innocent) November 14, 2019 Brave brands make jokes on social media; the bravest

Innocent Drinks Funny Tweet – Christmas Advert with Duncan from Blue

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from the Innocent Drinks Twitter account. We've made a Christmas ad with Duncan from Blue. (Keira Knightley wasn't available.) — innocent drinks (@innocent) December 18, 2019 This perfectly pitched parody of ‘Love Actually’ is a sequel to Innocent’s other advert featuring Duncan from Blue. They say the sequel is never as good as the original. But in this case… ok, so in this case it’s

Innocent Drinks Twitter Header Image

Innocent Drinks Funny Tweet – ‘Veganuary’

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from the Innocent Drinks Twitter account. THE TWO STYLES OF VEGANUARY STYLE 1• Quinoa salad• Aubergine teriyaki• Butternut squash soup• Spinach and sweet potato hash• Whole roasted cauliflower STYLE 2• Chips• Chips• Chips• Roast potatoes• Chips — innocent drinks (@innocent) January 15, 2020 As a primarily plant-based drinks brand, ‘Veganuary’ is kind of Innocent’s jam. In 2020, they chose to mark the occasion with this deliciously

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