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SparkNotes – Breaking Bard (2020)

Spark notes have again broken down their brand message into their joke – we make studying fun. This joke is very to their audience (computer files and Shakespeare) and they very rarely miss with any of their social humour. 📁Shakespeare plays └📁Characters └📁Communication skills └⚠️This folder is empty — SparkNotes (@SparkNotes) January 16, 2020

Merriam-Webster – You Said What? (2020)

If there’s one thing people don’t appear to do much of before posting on social, it’s check the facts. This means that there can be fun to be had in simply posting little reminders. A little sarcasm can go a long way if you find yourself the victim of an unjust attack. This “recently” happened in 1934. You’ll be fine. — Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) November 2, 2020

Innocent – Bean Drinking? (2020)

When Innocent post about smoothies – it’s often made-up smoothies, like this brilliantly silly fake collab with Heinz. This post alone got 532 people talking, 1200 sharing and 1600 people hit the like button – and it was only a tiny part of the campaign. Most of the comments were from people shocked and appalled by such a crazy idea – and Innocent took the time to respond to each and every one of them personally

McDonald’s – Nobody Cares About Me (2020)

McDonald’s could have just put out an ‘ordinary tweet’ stating that the McRib was back in a couple of weeks. But they did this instead and got over 150K interactions! it’s always “when is the McRib coming back” and never “how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account” — McDonald’s (@McDonalds) October 23, 2020

Museum of English Rural Life – Talk to the Animals (2020)

Why is this doubly appealing? Because it’s relatable and funny. We’ve all had the ‘can Grandad not turn his camera on again’ moments during lockdown, and MERL have twisted it to make it relevant to them. The result is a lot of engagement. our first Zoom meeting is going great — The Museum of English Rural Life (@TheMERL) March 23, 2020

Paddy Power – Not Sitting On Defence (2020)

Paddy Power know what their customers respond to. So, when a relatable news story can be linked to a dip in a player’s form, well, it’s an open goal as far as easy engagement goes. Harry Maguire has reportedly been arrested for fighting while on holiday in Greece. Lawyers will use footage of his defending against Sevilla to argue that he has no awareness of his surroundings and couldn’t possibly react quick enough to be

Spark Notes – Dad Jokes (2020)

Part of being relatable is, well, being relatable. And pointing out how Hamlet’s Dad is nothing more than your own Dad, only 300 years ago wearing tights? Spark Notes proving again that knowing the audience is line one, page one. The most relatable character in Hamlet is the ghost of Hamlet’s dad – Refuses to speak in front of large groups – Just wears the same thing all the time – Asks for huge favors

Innocent – Countdown To The Countdown (2020)

Innocent Smoothies bagged themselves 1100 retweets and 4,000 likes on Twitter for this relatably funny tweet. It’s got nothing to do with smoothies – but everything to do with their audience and what’s going on in their world right now. It’s 48 days until Christmas so if you start an advent calendar today you’ll finish it bang on time to start another one on December 1st. — innocent drinks (@innocent) November 7, 2020

Pop Tarts – Keep Your Hand On Your…Pop Tart (2019)

Wondering how far you can push the double-entendres? Pop Tarts seem to have it about right – if the interaction to this tweet is anything to go by! As long as you know your audience, then you can manage the risk and reap the rewards. I like my tarts where I like my money. Right in my fanny — Pop-Tarts (@PopTartsUS) February 1, 2019

Aldi – Fancy Coming To A Party? (2020)

If it’s brand interaction you’re after, then Aldi probably sell it in the middle aisle! This ‘party’ ran and ran – three weeks and thousands more tweets and replies later, they had interacted with the whole marketplace – and shown how much more fun they are than the best of the rest.  Hey @Tesco, @asda, @LidlGB, @Sainsburys, @Waitrose, @IcelandFoods @MarksAndSpencer and @Morrisons. What you doing later? Fancy coming to our #Aldi30thBirthdayParty? — Aldi Stores UK

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