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SparkNotes – Altered Song Lyric

Why we love it: This is designed to appeal primarily to SparkNotes’ audience – who will clock the reference to ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allen Poe. But even those who weren’t fully in-the-know found it funny – because on the face of it, it’s just a topical format with a silly, dark twist. (And yes, we know it’s technically three years old – but it’s so good, it attracts fresh engagement every December!)

Ryanair – elf on the shelf

Why we love it: Posted the day after Spain were knocked out of the World Cup by unlikely victors, Morocco, it made sense for Ryanair to stick them on the plane home. Combined with the seasonal (Christmas) topicality of the popular ‘elf on the shelf’ meme, this one is working on a couple of different levels. What you can learn from it: We give you fresh, original joke formats every month. But don’t be afraid

Henry Sotheran LTD – we’re closed today

Why we love it: Sotherans is an antique bookseller in London, and their Twitter feed is renowned for being very silly indeed. This tweet successfully combines an otherwise-dry announcement (“we’re closed today”) with a punchline (the silly reason why – which will be relatable to anyone who has ever visited an antique bookstore). What you can learn from it: By tacking a joke onto your important announcements, they’re much more likely to gain traction and

Prime Video UK – Cheers to the world

Why we love it: Do you know what’s going on here? Neither do we. (Ok, we do – but only because we watch a lot of nerdy TV.) We love this because it’s aimed at a niche segment of Prime Video’s audience, who are the only people in the world who could possibly understand it – let alone find it funny – and that’s precisely WHY they’ve engaged with it. What you can learn from

Specsavers – Reacts

Why we love it: Specsavers’ social team are always ready to react – so when Brits took to social media to complain that they couldn’t get a Glasto ticket due to technical issues, this was an easy win for Specsavers. Yes, it’s pretty much the same joke they always make. No, we don’t mind too much. What you can learn from it: Join the conversations that your followers (and even better – your potential followers)

Paddy Power - Vote on the poll

Paddy Power – Vote on the poll

Why we love it: Ahead of the England vs USA Football World Cup game, Paddy Power entertained their sports-obsessed audience with a ‘USA vs UK’ poll in their Instagram stories. We love the topicality, the silliness, the interactive element and even the effort they’ve put into the design (where other brands might have stuck to using the platform’s native tools, someone’s clearly opened Canva for this one). What you can learn from it: Experiment with

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea – Goes Wrong

Why we love it: When everyone on Twitter was talking about the fact that the platform’s days could be numbered (using phrases like “if it all goes wrong here, you can find me on [X]”), Yorkshire Tea joined the conversation with a meta one-liner that encapsulates the combination of silliness and cosiness they’ve become known for there. What you can learn from it: When your entire audience is talking about one thing – it pays


Walkers Crisps – The Meal Deal

Why we love it: Walkers are starting to hone their comedy chops on social – and the success of this quote tweet shows it pays to have a social media team that’s capable of a simple-but-effective witty retort when the opportunity presents itself. Now we’ll see if they can ride the algorithmic wave with some standalone gags… What you can learn from it: If you want the best results on social, it’s not enough to

Delta – Time Flies (2020)

When most airlines were spending more time on the ground than in the sky, Delta posted this tweet, suggesting that a flight into the future might go down well! Using humour to demonstrate that they understand (and share) the current frustrations of their customers. Who’s with us? — Delta (@Delta) October 13, 2020

Xbox – Blowing Smoke up your Xbox (2020)

Sometimes a customer may complain that a product isn’t performing as it should be. There’s not always a straightforward explanation. When the opportunity arises, feel free to share your brands incredulity. It can really pay off! We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X. — Xbox (@Xbox) November 11, 2020  

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