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Aldi Stores UK – Battle of the Brands

Why we love it: There’s a longstanding feud between Aldi and M&S – largely due to Aldi’s habit of ‘borrowing’ other brands’ trademarked product ideas. But here, the tables have turned and Aldi is pulling no punches with a comedy roast-type response. (They probably won’t actually sue, but that engagement is worth its weight in gold.) What you can learn from it: Notice how Aldi’s joke is succinct – yet includes just enough contextual information

Domino’s Pizza UK – Food Wars

Why we love it: Domino’s don’t currently get masses of engagement on Twitter, so this is great going by their standards. A rival brand gave them an open goal, they plucked out the perfect five word retort, and they scored. What you can learn from it: You may not have ‘rivals’ as such, and even if you do, it may not be appropriate for you to publicly roast them. But big household name brands post

2000 AD Comics – Judge Death

Why we love it: Those unfamiliar with 2000 AD Comics won’t fully ‘get’ this one. But their audience absolutely did, and that’s what matters. In just one word and one image of their character ‘Judge Death’, they managed to jump on a trending political conversation in a way that felt brand-safe… even though it was about the death penalty. What you can learn from it: Two things. Firstly, if you’re not actively spending time on

Monzo – Bills Pots

Why we love it: This commenter beat us to it — Monzo found a stealthy way to show off one of their app’s coolest features, in the form of a game that their audience couldn’t resist taking part in. Even better, they cultivate further engagement and brand loyalty by making sure they follow up with fun replies and retweets. What you can learn from it: Don’t just post your content and disappear, When your audience

Ryanair – Passenger Power

Why we love it: Ryanair delivers the topical comedy goods once again, jumping on a trending topic. But this time, they’ve managed to mention the key benefits of their offering in a way that feels integral to the joke – rather than detracting from it. Plus – we love this combination of the ‘mini script’ and ‘meme’ joke formats, where the image becomes the second half of the script. What you can learn from it:

Yorkshire Tea – Biscuit Moderation

Why we love it: Like the Innocent gag, this is a succinct and relatable one-liner. But unlike Innocent, Yorkshire Tea brought it into the specific world of their audience (who famously enjoy their tea with a few/many biccies). What you can learn from it: This gag could easily have been written from a Brands Against Mundanity Monthly template along the lines of “For a [X] January, stop [Y] and start [Z].” Point being: whenever you

Paddy Power – Porn Sounds

Why we love it: Paddy Power are always quick to react with pitch-perfect gags whenever there’s breaking news that’s relevant to their audience of sports lovers. In this case, when “porn sounds” were heard in the studio during the BBC’s FA Cup broadcast… What you can learn from it: Reactive content is the Holy Grail of social – but not many brands have the in-house resource (read: team of funny brains with lightning fast typing

craghoppers – user generated content

Why we love it: This is a great example of taking UGC (User Generated Content) and elevating it into branded content. It’s a solid gag from one of Craghoppers’ customers – and the fact they’ve shared it on their feed (twice!) shows they’re not too proud to laugh at themselves. What you can learn from it: If you’re lucky enough to have customers posting playful observations about your brand, share them. Dropping a screenshot onto

Duolingo UK – Year in Review

Why we love it: We love graph gags! This one doesn’t reinvent the wheel (in fact it uses a longestablished template), but it was well timed. Duolingo used a joke to join the conversation their audience was already having on Twitter (comparing their end of year stats reports). What you can learn from it: Your subscription gives you bar chart formats like this one every month. BUT – where Duolingo can get away with a

Yorkshire Tea – Upsetting Everyone

Why we love it: On the day England played France in the football World Cup, Yorkshire Tea dipped a French croissant in English tea – making a joke about ‘upsetting’ everyone, while never being at risk of offending anyone at all. Topical silliness at its absolute safest. What you can learn from it: Keep up-to-date with what’s going on in your audience’s world – the news, pop culture, trending topics – so that you can

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