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SparkNotes – Gandalf (Ariana Grande Retweet) (2020)

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This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from SparkNotes — the study guide brand that’s massive in America and absolutely killing it on social media.

SparkNotes loves a Lord of the Rings reference. I mean, who doesn’t? The funny social media veterans behind the SparkNotes Twitter account showed off their reactive posting skills with this one. They saw an opportunity for on-brand comedy in a trending tweet by pop star Ariana Grande, and they took it.

We love it when brands find funny ways to interact with celebrities. It’s a tried-and-tested route to new followers, and with any luck, your ideal customers’ positive perception of the celebrity will rub off on you.

Want to see more fine examples of comedy in social media marketing from the SparkNotes Twitter account? We’ve compiled our favourites here. It’s funny tweets like this that make SparkNotes one of the funniest brands on social media!